Brand Muse: Deiji Studios

Our philosophy here at Deiji Studios centres around comfort and quality – our linen has been sourced from France and stonewashed. By working closely with a family run business and creating strong relationships with our manufacturers, Deiji Studios was born. From beautiful two tone linen bedding for adults, children and babies to effortless unique Japanese…

Our go to shops

We featured some of our favourite shops in this darling editorial featuring Mother Muse Sarah Shabacon of Boheme Goods.  More inside Volume One   Featured Shops Lucky Boy Sunday, Carla Colour, Naturoco, Morgan Carper, Maria Stanley, Found Company, Moon Juice Shop, Realisation Par

Today’s Muse: Tiffany Albright

Tiffany Lani Albright is an artist who believes in a traditional approach to design with the use of laws and symbolism. Exploring the natural tendencies of watercolor she has found her innate painting style to emphasize texture, shapes and repetition. Being born and raised on the island of Maui, she finds key inspiration within the…

Brand Muse: Stevie May

The universal explorer. Inspired by nostalgia, the collections hold a relaxed silhouetted elegance with boundless femininity. Loved by many for its unique designs and romantic undertones, Stevie May is paving its own path with its unique raw luxe aesthetic. From intricate laces and embroidery, to vintage-inspired Victorian breezy shapes each piece has a versatile timelessness….

Editorial: But, First Coffee

How cute is this editorial by Evelyn Eslava – Featuring Mother Muse Maria and her son’s Nicolas and Antu! We can definitely relate to playful mornings where you just want to squeeze in one hot cup of coffee. More work by Evelyn Eslava  

Fashion Editorial: Fount

Fashion Editorial preview inside Volume One Photography Julie Christine Makeup & Hair Jenny Ruth Mother Muse Olga Oussov Featuring Brands Morgan Carper, Woron, Between Ten 

Brand Muse: Casetify Kids

The new line from Casetify allows parents to turn their kids artwork into custom phone cases – “we believe that every kid is an artist.”  Below you’ll find a video of this wonderful new project and just how easy it is to do. You’ll be able to keep every drawing  with no fading, no rips or…

The key to a better closet (and a better you)

Since announcing that I will soon be launching an ethical apparel brand, my entourage has turned to me for tips on how to better their closet. While I do tell my friends that being knowledgeable about eco-friendly fabrics, shopping at vintage stores, and supporting socially responsible brands are all great ways to improve the sustainability of…

Editor’s Top Five Dress Picks

If you’re anything like me – I am obsessed with dresses! They are easy, pretty and when you’re a busy mother you can literally throw on a dress and still feel beautiful with your bed head. I narrowed down my top five favourite dresses that I personally love and own and they are all available…

Today’s Muse: Marilou Bourdon

Inside Volume One we interviewed muse Marilou Bourdon founder of Trois Fois Par Jour and Petite Lou. We were completely inspired by Marilou and her honesty about her body image after having a baby and how truly humble she is while she continues to grow her empire. Read preview below What inspired you to do your…

Fashion Editorial: Mere

Fashion Editorial  preview inside Volume One  Photography Darian Wong Makeup & Hair Vanessa Wong Mother Muse Ashley, Lizbell Agency  Featuring Brands Realisation Par Between Ten Morgan Carper Sleeper Starling Mien Studios   Maria Stanley Woron