Self-care With Chatters Style Consciously Haircare

Our haircare routine is as simple as a wash-and-go and air dry for most moms. But I do feel and know that we deserve to indulge in a multi-step process involving masks, scalp scrubs, and styling products. Self-care is important, and if you’re like me, finding time for a salon treatment takes more work than leaving the kids with a partner, friend, parent or simply doing it while the kids are sleeping. This said, you can have your salon experience at home, thanks to Chatters.

Chatters helps you find the essentials that really work for your unique hair needs. From colour-treated, to curly, to fine, and everything in between, they have the best haircare products to help make every day a good hair day for a busy parent. 

I want to share some of their Style Consciously products with you that I am currently using and love! What is Style Consciously, you may ask? It means making mindful choices – choices that positively impact your health, lifestyle, and environment. Each Style Consciously product is carefully vetted to help you choose cleaner, greener, kinder products and brands. Chatters Style Consciously Initiative includes four pillars: Clean, Cruelty-Free, Sustainable and Vegan.

So, let’s explore those mindful options for your hair! All products are available online and in stores at Chatters.

AG HAIR Reconstruct Strengthening Mask (Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Clean, Sustainable)

AG HAIR Reconstruct Strengthening Mask available here

AG Reconstruct is an intense and luxurious conditioning treatment formulated to treat dehydrated, damaged, or coarse hair. Packed with Vitamin C, plant-based squalane, vegetable protein and soothing shea butter. Reconstruct helps restore moisture, build collagen, and add elasticity to dry, damaged hair, leaving it feeling softer, shinier, smoother, and more radiant. This is a perfect option to restore and build collagen for those postpartum days when hair loss and dullness get you down. This hair mask is like dumping water on a dried-out sponge — it soaks right up for vibrant fullness that you’ll notice right away.

LOMA Leave-In Conditioner (Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Clean, Sustainable)

LOMA Nourishing Oil Treatment available here

A leave-in oasis for dry hair, LOMA Leave-In Conditioner is an instant detangling spray with sea salt to add texture and volume. It’s great for all hair types, especially fine and limp and is ideal for all colour-treated hair types to close the cuticle, protect the hair and extend colour vibrancy. 

L’ANZA T.R.U.E. Clean Shampoo (Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Clean, Sustainable)

L’ANZA T.R.U.E. Clean Shampoo available here

In the same way, your complexion needs effective refreshing, your hair and scalp are important too. Clear away product buildup and any lingering dirt or oil with L’anza T.R.U.E. Clean Shampoo. This shampoo transforms from a powder into a luxurious moisturizing lather, just add water and you. This beauty formula is blended with aloe, rice protein and seaweed for a gentle, antioxidant-rich hair cleanse.

L’ANZA T.R.U.E Pure Conditioner (Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Clean, Sustainable)

L’ANZA T.R.U.E Pure Conditioner available here

This product goes above and beyond. L’anza T.R.U.E. Pure Conditioner provides silicone-free, naturally nourishing moisture. With squalane and apple fruit extract it provides frizz-free shine and softness. It added a nice healthy shine to my curls that I don’t generally have with other conditioners.

WET BRUSH Go Green Grey Leaf Detangler Brush (Sustainable)

WET BRUSH Go Green Grey Leaf Detangler Brush available here

To be honest, I never realized how important a good hairbrush was until I went to a salon and repeatedly got asked which hairbrush I was using, haha. This Wet Brush Go Green Detangler is an eco-friendly brush that features IntelliFlex bristles to minimize damage with 45% less breakage and 55% less effort. The brush is amazing for natural hair, using widely spaced, flexible bristles that glide through without ripping or tearing your hair.

If you are interested in making more conscious choices, these are incredible products to try that I personally use. Chatters is a proudly Canadian company. Their mission is to be the official supplier of Style Happy Hair Days. They strive to offer the most inclusive and environmentally sustainable salon and shopping experiencewhile inspiring their guests to look good, feel good and do good, one style at a time. 

They are a certified Green Circle Salon, meaning they recycle95% of the waste acquired from every hair service. They re-purpose hair for oil spill clean-up and manufacturing of bioplastics. They recycle colour tubes and used foils. They turn hair colour by-products into new sources of energy.

Explore, Shop and Learn more about Chatters Here

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