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Introducing Issue Eight

The latest issue focuses on meaningful photo essays of motherhood through our children in which identity and playful relationships can be interpreted.

We welcome issue 8 with four different covers —

Francesca Wade brand consultant and curator living in New York. Francesca shares an excerpt from her writings On Birth

“As you descended my body blossomed like a flower, opening up to let you out. It sounds beautiful, and it was, but the pain was so intense that this spiritual moment also felt traumatic.”

Cover photographed by Ruvan Wijesooriya

Bethany Ciotola a writer and blogger living in New York. Cover photographed by Kristine Boel

Mary Helen Bowers ballerina, ballet inspired fitness trainer and founder of Ballet Beautiful. Cover photographed by Sharon Schuster

Romy Boomsma model and blogger living in the Netherlands. Cover photographed by Latoya J.L. van der Meeren

Inside, we speak to visual artist Carmen Winant sharing her work, titled My Birth a showcase of over 2,000 powerful images celebrating women giving birth displayed at MoMA. We also speak with Lotte Groosman wedding planner and founder of With LOTTE. Elsewhere, you will find a deeply personal photo essay supporting mothers nourishing their babies by breastfeeding or formula feeding. You will also find a showcase of brands we admire sharing their ethos with us throughout.

And more editorial interpretations on motherhood as we know there’s no ubiquitous manual to consult or boxes to check.

Except: love, understanding and empathy.

And maybe a little patience.



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