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Introducing Issue Twelve

The Fall issue of Mother Muse welcomes new conversations regarding the strengths we are to find through the hardships we face, all in which are shared communally through motherhood.

Autumn, which represents the spiritual shedding of the phases we encounter from mothering, is a season that reflects change; an adjustment of season when we all encounter vulnerability in order to better raise our kin.

Issue Twelve welcomes 2 covers; each bringing light and inclusiveness for our nourishing options.

Within its pages we find exclusive interviews of the American producer, actress and model, Cameron Richardson and actress and former ballet dancer for The Royal Danish Ballet, Cecile Lassen. Within these conversations, we observe the diversity of how each mother sheds their current experience and seamlessly evolve into the next.

Throughout Issue Twelve you will find inspirational editorials, articles and brands that we are currently musing over.

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