In Conversation With Jeanne Dieuzaide, founder of Studio Romeo

Do you remember when you first had the idea to start Studio Romeo? What led you there? 

I had the idea of ​​creating this brand when my son Romeo was born. That was when I found that none of the alternatives to strollers were efficient. Back then, the choice was limited to bulky baby carriers and slings over 5m long that I just got tangled up in… Living on the 3rd floor without a lift that soon needed to accommodate 2 young children, I dreamed of a more practical solution than what existed then. My second pregnancy was the trigger to develop this concept of two bands that slip on either side of the shoulders, without knots or straps, and contains no chemicals, as a solution that combined comfort and safety for our babies. 

Where would you like to see your business grow? 

It’s already been 7 amazing years since I started Studio Romeo! For the future, I’d say that my goal is to build a sustainable company with a great team and great people. I look forward to continuing to develop Studio Romeo, facing new challenges and enjoying new opportunities, especially on an international level. Also, I need to find the right balance between business and personal life, so I wish to continue living a rich life (of love, encounters, exchange and meaning) and be fulfilled! 

Photography by Chloé LAPEYSSONNIE

What sustainable fabrics are used to make your carriers, and where are they made? 

Going green was essential for me, so we designed 100% organic and eco-friendly products for a simple and fair everyday life. To leave behind a better world for my / our / your children. I also wanted to avoid materials that increase pollution, and that’s why all our products and packaging are plastic-free. Our products are designed in France and made in Portugal (Europe). 

What is your morning routine? 

I usually get up early in the morning, around 6:00 or 6:30, and first, I check my emails – and Instagram . When I have time, I workout for 30 minutes – always different depending on my mood and needs… I love Pilates, Yoga and running if I have enough time. I just take a tea in the morning, never take any breakfast during the week, and I prepare my 2 kids for school. This phase can also be compared to a workout session. Then, I head off to the office! 

What is your top tip to practice balance during uncertain or stressful moments? 

A super cool husband and a healthy life, this is my secret. Mum, wife and CEO… All these roles add up, and it’s true it’s not always easy…. But as I am not a stressed person, I can easily embrace the positive. It’s all about balance and a good sense of organization, schedule, anticipation and a healthy lifestyle. When in a bad mood or hard times, I try to keep cool, have learnt to just say no, take some time for myself (and exercise) and always stay positive. 

Have you taken any training/ courses to become a babywearing educator, or is your knowledge purely based on your experiences wearing your children or how you were raised? 

I loved so much carrying my kids, but the traditional baby carriers were very bulky, complicated, with straps to adjust and not always easy to fit – I felt like RoboCop, not to mention that the materials were often synthetic and the buckles in plastic… This is why I founded Studio Romeo. Then, a few years later, I followed a course and became a babywearing educator to learn all the Best practices in infant positioning for both ergonomics and optimal physiological support. This was really helpful in designing our new models! 

Photography by Chloé LAPEYSSONNIE

What are some benefits to a child’s mental development when it comes to babywearing? 

Babywearing is a great way to bond with your baby and provides many benefits for both babies and parents. Babies worn in a baby carrier are more easily soothed, more likely to be calm, and less likely to cry because your baby loves to be around you. Your presence and touch are enough to calm it down and relax it.  

Do you believe it’s important for brands like yours to showcase and market mothers and fathers and babywearing? Babywearing in North America has always been seen as just a mother’s role. I would love to see it celebrated fluidly by both partners.  

Our brand strapline is ‘Motherhood is our muse,’ and without a doubt, motherhood is a real source of inspiration and motivation for me, but we want to highlight the beauty of parenthood in general, and we try to focus on both mums & dads. More and more dads practice babywearing here in France, and we need to showcase them both.  

What inspires the beautiful designs for your carriers?  

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and I build on new ideas every day. 

This is not an easy question to answer as inspirations vary over the years! With a creative mind, inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. It’s a mix of many things that vary according to the seasons and my tastes. To find things that can inspire me, I keep my mind (and eyes) open: inspiration can come from a moving thing, an emotion or a certain light… Sometimes just a little spark, an intuition. I’m curious. I can spend hours browsing the internet (and Instagram) vary, reading, travelling, music, people I meet, people I listen to (podcast), and many things that create an inspiring and enriching ecosystem. I build on new ideas every day!  

Lastly, who is your Mother Muse? 

The women in my daily life, my friends, colleagues, partners, and clients… They are all important in my life and are a source of inspiration in their own way. 

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Photography by Chloé LAPEYSSONNIE

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