Friendship & Babywearing, hope&plum

hope&plum was developed by two women who united through their own fertility challenges. Their friendship flourished into hope&plum; a passion project birthed through friendship and a deep-rooted love for babywearing. 

When I first started babywearing slings, it’s always taken me a few tries to get the hang of it. Finally, it became second nature and quickly became a favorite in our family with a little practice. hope&plum is designed to carry your little one from 8 lbs to toddler stage (up to 35 pounds). hope&plum slings are quick and easy to learn. Unlike some structured carriers, I did not need pages and diagrams to figure out hope&plum. The manual provided is beautiful and visual, making the guiding experience easy and stress-free. Their website and social media provide easy-to-follow video tutorials, each demonstrating the ways to wear your little one with their carriers. 

hope&plum slings can be used for a traditional tummy to tummy carry, a hip carry, or a kangaroo, outward-facing carry. I cannot emphasize enough how quick and simple it is to get the hang of it. In addition to being easy and convenient to use, their slings are so beautiful. The one seen here is their Flor Ring Sling.

This exclusive print and design are printed on their signature hemp blend fabric. It offers a delicate array of light-colored flowers, still a beautiful gender-neutral piece. The hemp feels strong and secure and is great in various temperatures.

A bonus to the hemp blend is that no matter how long your little one is in the sling, the hemp does not stretch out like some fabrics. As a result, your baby doesn’t get lower and lower in the sling and needs constant readjusting. Another thing I love is as a customer, you can choose the fabric size length. Make it your choice. Different lengths allow for the inclusion of different bodies.

The brand celebrates diversity, and all women feel welcomed and seen. And even at the longest length, hope&plum ring slings still conveniently fold up and fits inside a diaper bag or purse. I appreciate that the material is machine washable and gets more comfortable after washing an everlasting quality baby sling. Once your sling is machine-washed or hand washed, just let it air dry.

hope&plum ring sling is perfect for any mama interested in babywearing and who wants a simple, comfortable, and stylish way.

Explore and shop hope&plum here

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