The Perfect AM & PM Clean Skincare With LINNÉ

I am excited to share my experience using LINNÉ, an ethically crafted skincare line formulated exclusively from superlatively sourced plants and minerals. Clean skincare is tricky because the products need to be effective, while unwanted ingredients must be excluded from the formula. And let’s not forget the price. Clean skincare can be expensive, even though you often get products with paired-down ingredient lists. LINNÉ finds the balance between clean/sustainable and effective skincare. Their prices are affordable too. Before diving into the products, let’s look at the company philosophy.


Their products effectively address skin concerns, including acne, dehydration, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, and premature aging. They value your health and only use non-toxic, biocompatible ingredients easily absorbed by the body. Their ingredients are made exclusively from plant extracts, cold-pressed seeds, and fruit oils. LINNÉ also employs fermentation and CO2 extraction. No matter the procedure, the root material is GMO-free and responsibly sourced.

LINNÉ buys from reputable sources that champion environmental health and worker welfare, and they evaluate each ingredient to ensure that they are free from environmental and biological contaminants. While there may be color, texture or scent variability from one harvest or lot to the next, LINNÉ relies on a certificate of analysis, material data safety sheets, allergen reports and composition breakdowns to ensure that our ingredients will consistently be safe and effective.

As greenwashing becomes ubiquitous, it has become increasingly imperative for formulators and brands to source considerately and responsibly. Part of the challenge of working with naturals is the incredible variability among the ingredients on offer. Species variety, growth location and conditions, pesticide and fertilizer use, the time and means of harvesting, the process by which the raw plant is converted into its formula-ready form, the needs for storage and distribution, and the potential adulteration by secondary traders all contribute to ingredient quality and efficacy. With that said, being natural alone is not good enough.


LINNÉ uses veggie-ink printed boxes made from recycled and forest stewardship council certified paper and can easily be recycled or composted. As per their primary packaging, ACTIVATE and PURIFY are offered in BPA-free PET. Clear PET can be infinitely recycled and is the most widely accepted plastic by recycling facilities worldwide. These products will be available in sugarcane plastic squeeze tubes in the fall. The raw sugarcane is third-party verified to meet their requirements for responsible agriculture. The growing of the sugarcane itself will sequester 3x as much carbon as it will take to produce our bottles – thus yielding a carbon-negative result – a 5x improvement from fossil fuels!

The remaining core collection is available in clear glass, which, unlike black or colored glass, is widely accepted by recycling municipalities worldwide. Aside from its recyclability, LINNÉ chose clear bottles to allow their customers to enjoy the natural colors of the products themselves, clearly determine product fill, and further communicate our commitment to brand transparency. Given that they still use plastic, LINNÉ is dedicated to funding the removal and recycling of TWICE as much plastic waste from nature as they use in their packaging. Under their Plastic Negative Certification, all of their products will carry a negative plastic footprint. Through their partnership with rePurpose, LINNÉ supports EcoWorks in Bogota, Colombia, to employ and empower marginalized waste workers to ethically reclaim and dispose of low-value plastic waste. This is plastic that would otherwise be landfilled, burned, or flushed into waterways and oceans.

Now let’s dive into the three staple products from LINNÉ that I will be reviewing!

CLEANSE face and body wash available here

CLEANSE face and body wash, a creamy cleanser formulated with organic aloe vera, calendula, passion fruit seed and perilla oil. Use on the face and body to clear the skin of dirt, debris and excess oil without disrupting the acid mantle or microbiome. Rich in nourishing, non-irritating ingredients, CLEANSE delivers humectants, vitamins and antioxidants to aid in moisture retention and cellular health. In consideration of those sensitive to fragrance, the fresh scent of cold-pressed passion fruit seed oil is neutral and subtle. CLEANSE offers a soothing, delicate-skin alternative to LINNÉ’s beloved clay-based mask & cleanser, PURIFY.

This is the perfect cleanser for AM and PM. It cleans my skin, leaving it soft and smooth without any greasy residue. Once it comes into contact with water, it emulsifies and turns into a milky cleansing wash. Rinse and pat dry, but you can bring it in the shower for a two-in-one treatment!

NURTURE face and body balm available here

NURTURE face and body balm is a rich, emollient balm recommended for the entire body, including hands, feet and lips. This food-grade balm contains organic pumpkin seed oil, seabuckthorn fruit oil and rice bran wax, ingredients known to prevent moisture loss, promote regeneration and radiance, and soothe chapped, cracked and inflamed skin. NURTURE is safe for use while nursing and can prevent and soothe diaper rash. NURTURE was formulated for parents, children and babies six weeks of age and older but can be enjoyed by anyone looking for an extra layer of protection. Incorporating nutrient-dense passion fruit seed oil, this fragrance-free formula delivers a fresh, bright and slightly tropical aroma that quickly dissipates with wear.

I love multi-tasking products, and this is a good one. I personally reach for this balm for my neck and my lips. It’s soft, so much better than Chapstick! There’s no greasy or sticky feel. Just pure moisture. I use it on my kids after bathtime as they suffer dry spots in colder weather, and It ultimately improves those spots and lowers the chance of new dry places making their way on their sensitive skin.

REPLENISH everywhere oil available here

REPLENISH everywhere oil, meant for use head to toe. Perilla, passion fruit, amla and buriti oil combine to support skin elasticity, radiance and regeneration; strengthen nails; and promote scalp health and hair luster. REPLENISH has been formulated for sensitive skin and is safe to use during pregnancy. This oil may be used on the skin of all ages, including children and babies six weeks of age and older. Try REPLENISH as a makeup remover, shaving oil, cuticle oil, massage oil for the face and body, hair and scalp treatment or leave-in product to style hair and add shine. Fragrance and essential oil-free, this oil provides a practical yet pared-down alternative to LINNÉ’s REPAIR and BALANCE face oils.

I love this serum. It has a lightweight silky texture and a smooth natural finish that it leaves on my skin. I love to use this oil with my gua sha! Its natural ingredients are gentle on the skin and I found to reduce the look of fine lines, pores, and rough patches of skin. It hydrates and restores density to the skin.

Explore LINNÉ Here

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