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Your hands do so much. They express joy, offer comfort, and allow you to connect with people. Your hands are natural extensions of you. That’s where Paume comes in. They believe that you care for yourself and the world around you when you care for your hands.

Our personal take from experiencing Paume

Overall, this hand sanitizer checks off all the right boxes, especially if you have sensitive eczema-prone skin. The CDC wants hand sanitizers with 60% alcohol or higher. Therefore, people are bound to have dry skin, which might evolve to eczema even if it’s not traditionally something you suffer from. Paume is a beneficial option to avoid breakout patches of dry skin while being a wonderful option aesthetically and for the environment. The key to finding the right hand sanitizer for eczema-prone and sensitive skin is to look for those with the right amount of ethyl alcohol. Paume uses 69% while its formula is hydrating, with aloe vera and essential oils. I highly recommend this product to you and the entire family. My kids love it too!

About Paume

The idea for Paume first came over a year ago, when Amy Welsman, founder of Paume, brought home her newborn daughter from the hospital. Being a new parent really heightened her awareness of germs.

“Since I didn’t always have the time or opportunity to wash my hands with soap and water, we stocked our home with plenty of hand sanitizer, and we offered it to friends and family when they came to visit.”

Amy soon realized that most hand sanitizers had a few things in common: they were harsh on the skin, they smelled terrible, and they were packaged in unappealing, disposable plastics. It inspired her to create a unique, effective, and nourishing formula with packaging that’s both elegant and sustainable. It’s been a year of bringing Paume to life. Now more than ever, we need products that are good for our bodies and mindful of the planet. We need to protect our hands to remain in touch with our loved ones and our communities.

Paume’s Principles are simple


Our nourishing formula is designed to make you feel cared for and protected.


We want to give you a moment to enjoy an experience that delights your senses.


They are committed to delivering a product that’s good for you while being conscious of the planet. It’s formulated to kill harmful bacteria while moisturizing the skin with plant-based emollients and delighting your senses with our signature blend of essential oils. Ingredients include aloe vera, which nourishes because it’s rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and zinc that help your skin heal. It also hydrates with polysaccharides that create a protective barrier for your skin. Witch hazel cleanses and heals your skin.

The twigs and bark of this botanical extract contain therapeutic properties, and it works as a natural astringent. It’s 69% ethyl alcohol and kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses. When used as directed, it’s safe and effective, so you’ll feel reassured every time you use it. Hydresia G2 is a sustainably produced emollient derived from safflower oil that delivers skin-nourishing vitamins and enhanced long-lasting hydration. It is an all-natural alternative to chemical emulsifiers that are skin-irritating and non-biodegradable.

Their signature scent is also my favourite. The formula is made with a blend of essential oils to delight your senses. Herbaceous oils like lavender and rosemary mingle with warm cedarwood and refreshing citrus. It’s a comforting and uplifting scent that will make you feel cared for. The first thing I thought to myself was, “wow, I want this as a perfume.” It’s such a light, fragile scent that doesn’t give you headaches like most hand sanitizers.

Their packaging is beautiful. When your Paume box arrives on your doorstep, you can be sure that each component of their packaging is made with the environment in mind. The Paume pump is my favourite and is displayed nicely in our kid’s washroom. I love that they provide this option for everlasting use. The Refill bag is packaged in 17oz pouches, which produce 60% less plastic waste than a bottle. It fills your Paume Pump twice and your travel bottle five times. The travel bottle goes with me everywhere and is made with 100% previously recycled plastic. It’s meant to be refilled as many times as you want and then recycled. The box, tissue, welcome card, and stickers are made with materials and inks that are either previously recycled, biodegradable, or reusable.

Paume is dedicated to growing its sustainability efforts.

“As such, we are proud to announce our Plastic Neutral Certification, achieved through our partnership with rePurpose Global. A percentage of each sale will go towards funding rePurpose Global to remove and recover as much plastic waste from the environment as we put into it. Now every one of our products carries a Net Zero Plastic Footprint.”

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