Bravado Design: In Conversation With Model & Muse Aleisha Ahamed

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I was born and raised in North Vancouver and am lucky enough to call it home again with my husband, our 3-and-a-half-year-old daughter, and our second child on the way. For over a decade, I worked and travelled as a model. I started modelling at a young age with a passion for fashion, photography, and travel. I continued to work as a model after my daughter was born, but since the pandemic have just continued to focus fully on my role as a mom and wife. 

How has your second pregnancy been different from your first?  

In many ways, my pregnancies have been the same. I feel fortunate that my nausea does not continue past the first trimester if I continue to snack throughout the day. In the first trimester, for both pregnancies, carbs were my best friend. 

The biggest difference the second time around would be having a toddler to take care of while being pregnant. I find that with the first pregnancy, you have more time to look after yourself, your needs, cravings, and naps. With the second, I really have not had more than a handful of naps. You truly adapt as a parent. Since having my daughter, I can function better with less sleep than before. I constantly read about my pregnancy weeks on an app and planned things in my head with the first pregnancy. With the second pregnancy, chasing after my toddler, I find I’m more relaxed and surprised at how quickly it has gone by! Although, I do get a lot more Braxton hicks. 

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It’s crucial not to let stress take over, especially in pregnancy. So, what advice do you have for expecting mothers right now? 

Trust your instincts. Be comfortable asking for help when you need it. You don’t need to be the one doing everything all the time. Have someone who knows you well checking in on you and how you’re doing. Don’t stress the small things. Not every decision is life-altering. Remind yourself that in the hard days, weeks, and months (especially the first few), it’s all a phase and hard for everyone. 

When do you feel most beautiful? 

It may sound cliché, but I’m thrilled when I’m with my family or right after I get out of the shower! 

What do you love most about being pregnant? 

I love watching my body grow this little miracle. I find it fascinating what a woman’s body can do! 

On that note, not only are our bellies growing but so are our boobs. Bravado Designs makes bras for pregnancy that provide wire-free support at a time when your body is experiencing so much change. They are constructed to stretch several sizes in the band and cup for your belly growth and breast fluctuations. So how do you like the bra’s feel? 

I find that underwire gives me a lot of rib pain, and I found myself constantly in a nursing bra! Bravado focuses on comfort and function seriously, and it shows. They’re well made, which is incredibly important when you’re living in them. I find I get a lot of wear out of them since I start wearing them in pregnancy, for post-delivery!  

How would you describe the bras; feminine, comfortable, or both?  

Both! I find there are many styles, so for t-shirts, sleeping, or out and about, the comfort isn’t sacrificed based on style! 

What are your favourite skincare products to use during your pregnancy? 

Throughout both pregnancies, I have used bio-oil on my belly and my breasts! For the face, I haven’t had to change anything. I use CeraVe for cleanser, East 29th Vital Serum, Li Organics Rice Pebbles for weekly cleansing/mask, and Martina Gebhardt Shea Butter for days. My skin is feeling very dry! My husband got me a package from So Kind in my last trimester, and I’ve really enjoyed celebrating and nourishing the bump with their belly masks! I found my skin with this pregnancy has broken out more than my first, and I have had to make sure to keep up with my regimen; otherwise, I have been known to break out. 

Our Muse Aleisha wears the Plunge Nursing Bra available here

Lastly, who is your Mother Muse? 

I truly have so many! I really love the community of mothers that you merge into when you become a mom! To name a few: Arielle Charnas, Alexa Jean Brown, and Nic Trunfio. I’m fortunate to be a mother alongside good friends and family who also have littles and truly believe this journey is made better by those in our lives we can lean on, learn from, and ride the waves.

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