This French Luxury Baby Brand is Blending Art and Modernity With Functional Essentials

Born in 2016, Atelier Choux Paris is a new French “Maison” created for millennial families. The brand is known for their instantly recognizable, whimsical aesthetic across clothing, GOTS certified organic cotton swaddles (“carrés” or squares) and bedding along with a growing range of lifestyle products.


With their lively illustrations by acclaimed Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson, Atelier Choux’s products are a baby’s first exposure to art. Atelier Choux aims to feed children’s creativity and imagination while also delighting parents. All illustrations tell a story, featuring endearing animals, robots and other charismatic creatures in architecturally stunning spaces.

The majority of Atelier Choux’s products are Made in France by several family-owned factories.

Atelier Choux also prides itself on its wow-worthy packaging inspired by the stunning mansions and Hôtels particuliers in Paris and France. Because the packaging is part of the gift, this promotes sustainable practises by re-using and not throwing away waste.


Featuring exclusive prints and high-end, soft, and comfortable fabrics, Atelier Choux boutique has something to suit all the needs of your little ones. Their timeless designs are the perfect balance of luxury and comfort.

Explore Atelier Choux Paris Here

Florals by Bloomier 

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