Honoring the Mother

How do we honor the mother?

We often use flowers and cards, we pick gifts from shelves, and counters. We purchase shiny necklaces, and perfume, hoping she sees that through these objects we are grateful for her. The things we chose to honor her with are symbols of what we can’t or don’t say every day. Our mother was our first home, our vessel, a whole universe lives within her, and in her mother, and in her mother’s mother. We are just a small star in the galaxy of generations.


We are born from her body, from her blood and bone. We come to this world, a product of her, but also seeking autonomy. It’s a journey to figure out where our mothers end and we begin. She gave us life and breath, and we are continuously filled with an abundance of inherent gratitude for these things, especially as we become mother’s ourselves.

During such a unique time in our world, especially if you live far away from your mother, consider writing her a letter. Talk to her about her legacy, what you’ve gained from being her daughter, what you’ve forgiven, what you’re grateful for. Take this time to reflect deeply on your existence, by way of her existence, and how that trickles down to your children’s lives.

If we’ve learned anything from our current events, it’s that life is both vast and fleeting. We do not know our timeline. We have only now to cherish, to love, to share, and to proclaim our gratitude. Relationships are not easy, and it is well known that the mother/daughter dyad is one of the more difficult. Yet, it is also the relationship that has the most potential to move mountains, heal generations, and to create lasting change for the future of humankind.


On this Mother’s Day I hope you find the time to honor your own life, as both a woman and a mother, and to give thanks to your mother, as she is the life force behind your time here on earth. Whether you are able to see her in person, virtually, or only remember her life in thought, let love flow. We have only now.

From me to you, by way of the sunny coast of California, Happy Mother’s Day.

Words by Kimberly Zuleger

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