Colours of Black Beauty

Black says I’m beautiful

Black says I’m hurt

Black says I’m happy


Black says I shine

Black says I’m alive

Black says I’m magic

Black makes me proud

Black shows my strength

Black knows I’m equal

Black has empathy

Black respects my grind

Black unites my people

Black says no to pain

Black wants to win

Black neglects sin

Black shows I’m courageous

Black unites the people

Colours of Black beauty is what makes me

Want to succeed

I want to watch the purple sunrise from the sky

see my world evolve right in front of my eyes

eyes wide open staring back looking at the sky

the clouds swaying with answers and all the possibilities of black equality

not dived in destruction and judgemental hate

Black beauty and pure love will gravitate

In all of my Blackness lays my strength

In my world I’m peacefully true everybody is human you just have to believe it too

Black is what I’m proud of and I will continue to push it through as the colour

That is celebrated all year through.

Muse. Amie Elizabeth, author & writer of

Joshua and red Fred Paperback available here

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