Londre Bodywear, Ethical Swimwear Made For Women Like You

Bathing suit season is quickly approaching as we slowly welcome warmer weather into our lives again. If you are in the market for some new swimwear I highly recommend Londre Bodywear.

Londre Bodywear checks all the boxes. They are women run, ethically made, and embrace that women come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Their motto is simple every body is swimsuit ready. 


Most swimsuits are made from oil, which comes from non regenerative fossil fuels. Furthermore, because of irresponsible textile dying, fast fashion is the second biggest polluter of fresh water in the world.

Every Londre piece is made of post consumer fibres primarily derived from discarded plastic water bottles. They also use a certified eco friendly fibre called chitosante, which is made of crushed shells that are a by product of the shellfish industry.


We are all about chitosante because of its anti bacterial and odour resistant properties. The material is a compression fabric, for the smoothest and most controlled fit. We also package using biodegradable and recycled materials. — Londre Bodywear

Londre Bodywear caters to a generation of mindful consumers who value sustainability and design equally. Londrė is setting out to prove that there is nothing granola about going green.


Highly versatile – Londre swimsuits are super flattering. The fabric is so soft to the touch. It makes you feel comfortable and confident.

To put it simply: each piece feels like it was molded after the female body. The swimwear knows how to hug your figure and hold it all in the right places.

Shop Londre Bodywear

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