6 Ways Your Breasts Change During Pregnancy

A lot of changes happen to your body while growing a baby. From the early start of your nine-month journey your hormones start preparing to produce milk and your breasts will be changing big time. Here’s everything you want to know about how your breasts will progress with pregnancy. You might experience a few of these symptoms or all of them which is normal. A simple solution to most of these changes is investing in a maternity bra that will grow with you during these changes.


They hurt.

Fact, sore breasts can sometimes be the very first early signs of pregnancy. Your breasts will become tender, swollen and might leave your chest aching.

They get big.


Just like your belly your breasts expand during pregnancy. This is because your breasts are already doing their job to help milk ducts and mammary glands grow. Investing in a stretchy maternity bra might be an excellent idea. As soon as six weeks of pregnancy hits you already may notice a difference in size.

Areola center stage.

Your areola will get larger and darker, which is a result of high-level of estrogen. Your nipples become more defined and often stick out more than they did before pregnancy.

They might leak.


In the second or third trimester you might notice early signs of colostrum. The initial milk a woman will start to produce through pregnancy and first few days after delivery. We suggest wearing breast pads if you find your breasts are leaking a lot.

Stretch marks.

With all this growing and swelling your breasts may have stretch marks. Just like your growing belly’s you can moisturize your breasts by applying stretch mark oil or coconut oil.

They need your support.


Invest in a supportive bra, which is crucial to relieving the this new additional weight and support your back. We recommend one with a thick band (no underwire), and adjustable closure. You can read advantages of a nursing and maternity bra here. Focus on comfort and cotton to allow the skin to breathe. Comfort is important if you want to sleep with your maternity bra at night.

Your breasts will change. They will roughly return back to pre-pregnancy size but the skin has been stretched, the loose skin and stretch marks are there to stay but instead of mourning your pre-preggo boobs embrace the change. This is a true mark of motherhood and it’s to be celebrated. Remind yourself daily that you are beautiful and you created and nourished life.

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