Nursing Bra Liner Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Davin & Adley provide a nursing bra liner like you’ve never seen, or felt, before.

This one-piece washable nursing pad is the bra insert we’ve all been waiting for. It’s cute, it’s comfortable, and it won’t leave you searching for its pair. It’s perfect for sensitive skin by ensuring you will stay dry. Even for the heaviest leakers. The fabric literally holds 10X its weight in liquid while being as thin as a disposable pad.

The fabric is quick drying, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial to help prevent odor and infections. Trust us: we’ve put it to the test. And we can’t speak more highly about this product.


When we received the packaging, we were pleasantly surprised that it came with 2. This way we’re not struggling to have our wash done before its next use. The packaging is also reusable. The 2-pack arrives in a lingerie bag for machine washing and drying. But to be honest, it’s a great bag for when we’re traveling or simply on the go.

We received the Paisley Bra Liner in black, but a little birdie told us there might be another color available soon… and we can’t wait!

Do you want to know another reason we’re so obsessed? You will not see round circle pads around your nipples. Not even in the tightest shirts. These pads are seamless and curve to your natural shape. This means we have the option to opt out of a nursing bra completely! Ya… we know: bra free at last!

Quite frankly, if I had known about Davin & Adley during my first time breastfeeding, I would have stocked up on a dozen sets. Maybe two. But hey – I’m happy I can purchase them for all of my expectant friends. These one-piece nursing bra liners are game changers.


These are the perfect baby shower gifts for the mom-to-be. Now that we’ve fallen in love with Davin & Adley we want the whole world to know about them.

Let’s also discuss the obvious: they save us money in the long run. There’s nothing more guilt-inducing than throwing out a disposable pad or being unable to find the matching partner for your go-to reusable pad that simply does not absorb as much milk as the thick, disposable ones you can conveniently grab at the to-go store.

Davin & Adley nursing pads leave us feeling comfortable in our own skin. They provide us confidence. They allow us not to sweat the small stuff. (Did we mention they conveniently wick away sweat, too?).

We’re happy we discovered a product that would change our breastfeeding experience. And we hope you discover them for yourself, too.

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