Four Advantages of Wearing a Nursing Bra

The Importance of a Maternity and Nursing Bra

Whether you are pregnant or nursing you might be familiar with the discomfort of your everyday, pre-pregnancy bra. One thing I learned from pregnancy and postpartum is your breasts go through a lot. Your once favourite lace bras might not fit well and cause irritation. Unlike a nursing bra and maternity bra which is designed for motherhood, ordinary bras do not have the capacity to accommodate changes that happen to your breasts while pregnant and nursing, such as size and sensitivity.

If you’re still on the fence, or researching which are the best nursing bras, we’ve compiled a list of benefits to find the best nursing bra for you:


Comfort is Critical

We strongly advice against wearing underwire during pregnancy and the early postpartum days. Nursing bras do not have an underwire, yet they are made to support your breasts.

Underwires place pressure on the milk ducts which potentially can block milk flow. The underwire presses against the soft tissue which can lead to swelling.

Additionally, maternity and nursing bras are made to give extra support while being soft and breathable. It’s important to check the fabrics. It helps if the bra is cotton underlining reducing sensitivity caused by chafing.


Uninterrupted Nursing

There are certain nursing and maternity bras that are suitable for sleeping in. A good sleep nursing bra should be seamless with double layered cups so you can wear it with, or without nursing pads. Another option is a nursing camisole. These are also perfect for sleeping in and can be worn during the day as a normal top too.



One of the most noticeable changes in pregnancy and nursing mothers is an increase in the breasts’ size. A nursing bra is designed to accommodate your breasts’ changes in size comfortably. As mentioned earlier, fabric type is also incredibly important. Nursing bras that include spandex equals a good nursing bra.


Confidence and Feeling Empowered

As important as fit, support and practicality are, it’s also important that you look and feel feminine and empowered! Being a new mother is challenging your body is completely new to you and so might be breastfeeding. I understand that plain lingerie doesn’t lift your spirits but luckily we live in a time where being a woman and a mother is celebrated in the beauty and fashion industry. There are actually many designs and colours available for nursing bras now. You can find nursing bras with exquisite fabrics and lace detailing to make you feel sexy. No need for boring ones. Pick colours that make your day, that can go with your personality.

Our Muse Liz Rosa wears Bravado Design

Florist Bloomier

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