Wildflower and Oak

Wildflower and Oak

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Wildflower and Oak is a luxury baby blanket brand based out of Melbourne, Australia.

Their Story

 Wildflower and Oak brand was born from a desire to combine consciously-created baby linens with a luxurious feel and aesthetic. Theirs is a collection of wraps made from heirloom-quality pure linen and the softest organic muslin cotton. Each wrap is sourced and sewn by ethical production partners before being lovingly dyed by hand in exquisite shades locally in Melbourne, Australia.

Where It Began

During her second pregnancy, founder Elysia Hansen felt a shift was necessary from her then decade-long career in digital marketing towards something more aligned with her current season of life motherhood. She wanted to produce something beautiful. Something that gave back to mothers in need. And something that was truly of higher quality than anything else like it on the market.

Wildflower and Oak was born

Few items are used more in the first six months of your baby’s life than the blankets you swaddle, feed and snuggle them with. Wildflower and Oak wraps are designed to go with your baby on their journey through their first year… Whether it is the very first photo you take in the hospital room or the first plane ride you nervously embark upon. The picnic you enjoy in the sunshine or the quiet time feeding you will never want to forget as time races by.

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Complementary colours. Complementary fabrics. Layer them. Pack one and use one. Pass them down from one baby to another.

Already expanding they have added organic muslin cotton to their debut linen and bedding is on the horizon. Their focus is simple. Exceptional fabric. Beautiful shades. Ethically focused. Comfort alongside Contribution.

Mothers For Mothers

At Wildflower and Oak they believe every mother should have the chance to birth their baby safely and thrive in the months that follow. Unfortunately, for many women around the world, that is simply not their reality.

Elysia wanted to build a mothers for mothers ethos into the very centre of her brand from the beginning. For every wrap sold from Wildflower & Oak a clean birth kit is donated to the incredible team from Midwives For Haiti.

This organization works tirelessly on the ground in rural Haiti training midwives, setting up mobile clinics and staffing medical facilities so that Haitian women in rural communities have access to the medical care they need to bring their babies safely into the world.

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Every mother deserves to welcome their little love in the safest, cleanest, most effective way possible and to thrive in the months that follow. Midwives For Haiti make that possible.

Whether it is a gift for a special baby in your life or the first addition to a collection for your own sweet little love – make a purchase that matters. Buy something that will last. Buy something that was made with love and conscience. Buy something a little special. You will never look back.


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