Muse Review, Bellefinery

Mother Muse Review, Bellefinery

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The feminine and stylish easy to wear pieces from Bellefinery make you feel confident in every stage of motherhood.

Their Fleur Dress was soft and airy with a beautiful floral pattern on navy, which makes the colour perfect for wearing any day or season. The elastic design detailing around the top is so comfortable for nursing and has made me want to live in it while I grow through my second pregnancy. This is one to keep you feeling gorgeous throughout your motherhood journey.

Brand Summary

Bellefinery is a collection of maternity and nursing wear dresses that are assembled by moms for moms. Each dress is built with style guide, ethical manufacturing practices and the best fabric and is suitable for every pregnant and breastfeeding mom. They went through the series of testing both in design and flexibility to give every mom the quality they deserve. Bellefinery pieces are designed in Los Angeles, USA.


Our Story

Florence and Taylor are both moms, who went through the stages of pregnancy, nursing and all that you can attribute to pregnancy, they both experience that.

Each collection is given with flexibility to ensure that from 0 month to 9 months of pregnancy the dress can easily adapt to the changes in your bump and even during those first 2 years of your nursing stage, the dress is here to address whatever nursing issues you may have. The secret? It’s the concealed nursing access. Each nursing access is meticulously designed to give you the best nursing wear and experience which gives you the liberty to nurse anytime and anywhere.

Our Collection

Our latest collection Central District Lookbook is all about taking our nursing pieces to a whole new level where its about styling your favourite pieces from high fashion street hero to a new level of comfort, longevity and style.


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