Matrescence Skin

Matrescence Skin


Matrescence Skin provides clean, glow-inducing skincare for all stages of motherhood, with a philosophy rooted in the importance of self-care and “mothering the mother”.

Matrescence — a term coined by anthropologist Dana Raphael — refers to the transition a woman makes into motherhood and by definition is the perfect reflection of the brand’s mission and focus.

The debut line features the Rose Glow Collection comprised of the Purifying Cleanser, Brightening Essence and the Brilliance Protection Souffle.  The high-performance formulations provide a quick 3-step process to tackle maternity specific skin issues ( the major threats to a pregnancy glow): inflammation, dark spots/hyperpigmentation and excessive dryness and/or oiliness.

The result is an enviable all-natural glow.


The eco-luxe brand uses wildcrafted plant ingredients and supports fair-trade agricultural practices while using recyclable glass bottles, no paper labels and eco-friendly shipping materials.

In choosing our ingredients, it wasn’t enough for them to be just “organic” or “natural”.

We aimed higher for safety and transparency.  All products can be fully trusted at the preconception stage as well as during pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond, being specifically free from any hormone-disrupting chemicals, parabens or ingredients linked to birth defects.

We know peace of mind is important for mothers, so we took the hassle and frustration out of figuring out which ingredients needed to be avoided at each stage of pregnancy.

As moms we sacrifice a lot of time, but we shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality.

In skincare and in life, a woman should never have to choose between what’s good for her and what makes her feel good-Raquel Roxanne Nowak

Matrescence Founder, Prenatal Wellness expert, Mom of 2






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