Brand Muse: Eye of the Stone

Eye of the Stone

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Eye Of The Stone is a jewellery line designed and created in Vancouver, Canada. After living in Melbourne for the past four years, designer and creator Stephanie Baker has come back to her roots and brought her experience of living abroad into her designs.The fluidity in the laid back Australian lifestyle is the backbone and feeling we aim to create when we design and make each piece.

Our intent is to design a brand for women who embrace themselves each day and who are craving something out of the ordinary.

We pride ourselves on the craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Working with high end materials allows us to produce jewellery that will withstand the test of time and only get better with wear.  While most pieces are made to order to generate as little waste as possible, some are simply one of a kind. Our motto from the beginning has been quality over quantity and that beautiful things are worth waiting for.

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Whether on a holiday gazing at your jewellery reflecting in the sunlight or at home with a loved one sharing a moment, we want you to experience the beauty of everyday life in our timeless pieces. For us jewellery can be a reminder of a time, person or place. It can be a gift given or a gift received. Life’s moments pass so quickly but we hope that our jewellery can spark a moment of joy each time you wear a piece from Eye Of The Stone.

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