Brand Muse: Minty Wendy

Brand Muse Minty Wendy



The story of MintyWendy begins in April 2015 with a simple idea: baby accessories should be pretty for moms, especially when they wear them. The concept of the brand is that of a jewel Maman-Friendly specially designed and assembled in France to please moms, while being chewable by babies.


The designs are minimalist, graphic and modern. Each jewel becomes an ideal accessory to occupy your baby at the time of breastfeeding, carrying or when he or she starts to teeth. The colours of our jewelry are soft and chic, since it is above all a beautiful female object that can find its place on a designer dress or embellish boyfriend jeans and an angora sweater.

Cécile-Minty-candice-henin-photo-91   Cécile-Minty-candice-henin-photo-30

The pearl is made of a food-safe silicone since it is free of BPA, phthalates, cadmium and other heavy materials. And each collar is equipped with a secure clasp that opens automatically if you put too much pressure on it.



A 30-year-old Parisian, Cécile gives birth to her little Wendy in April 2015. Inspired by her life as a mother, she imagines her own line of MintyWendy jewelery. The originality of this range is to offer young mums jewelry with shapes and soft colors.

By refusing to give in to the dictates of baby-friendly imposing forms and colors in inadequacy with the tastes of the young mother, MintyWendy quickly becomes a reference in the matter.


Today, many thousands of moms around the world have become true fans of the brand.

As and when the child develops. MintyWendy has adapted its offer. First with the nursing collar, then the carrying collar and finally the collar or the teething ring.

On the strength of its success, Cécile has since received the support of several instamums in Europe and across the Atlantic, and continues to animate a growing network of follower.


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Photos by Candice Henin Photography


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