Interview Thammy Caldeira


Exclusive interview with Brazilian model and mother-to-be 

Thammy Caldeira

Could you describe yourself in one sentence? 

Fun, passionate, positive.

 What do you do for a living? 

I’m a Model and fashion influencer.

 How has pregnancy changed your daily routine?

It actually hasn’t at all. I had (thank god) a very easy pregnancy. In the first 3 month’s I had nausea but nothing major, I was still able to do photoshoots and everything else I did before however, at around 5 months I did stop working-out by choice.

What is one thing you didn’t’ expect that came with pregnancy?

The moment I started to feel my baby boy moving inside my belly, wow what a feeling and what a love. I never knew you could love a tiny human being you never met so much.

What is your favourite part about being pregnant?

Everything! I truly LOVE being pregnant, I joke around with my friends that if every pregnancy is like this, I’m going to be pregnant every year!


Describe the word woman in your own words:

Super hero

 Did you struggle with accepting the body changes that came with pregnancy?

Not at all, I’m fascinated with what a woman’s body can do, I make fun of my bump all the time.

 How do you think motherhood will impact your career?

I think the first year it will be a little harder to work as much, I really just want to take the time and enjoy my baby boy.

 Who are your three favourite Instagram muses to follow?

Crystal, Brook Power, Stormi Bree


You feel most beautiful when?

When I’m at home wearing pyjamas

 What are your favourite skincare products to use during your pregnancy?

I been using Khiels for my daily face routine and for stretch marks bio oil and Palmer’s cocoa butter, I’m 9 months pregnant and so far, I didn’t get any stretch marks!

 When you get a quiet moment, what do you like to do the most?

Watch television series!

 Who is your Mother Muse?

My mom

 Can you give a quote about Mother Muse coffee books?

A beautiful book filled with strong and inspiring woman.


Mother Muse Thammy Caldeira , Photographer Jules Dalod-Danesi


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