D.I.Y Natural Beet Dye

Here is a little project that is perfect to do outside with your children. Something that teaches them about nature, art and something that will hold their attention. Recently, naturally dyed clothing has become something worth investing in. Easy on the skin which equals happy babies and happy mothers. All you need is a white shirt and some beets!

Step 1: Boil The Beet

cut the beet into square chunks
pour enough water to cover the beet pieces
pour about one cup of vinegar into the mix (to hold the color into the cotton– read this somewhere)
boil for about two hours, or until you see a deep red take over the translucent water
once boiled, take beet pieces out

Step 2: Shirt In Beets

place shirt (or any piece of white fabric)
I let sit overnight

Step 3: Clean With Water

take shirt out of beet water and place into water (you’ll see the water immediately turn reddish)
I let air dry on tree branches

Result: Faint Dusty Pink

While the shirt was soaked in beet juice, it was such a rich and pretty pink color (much like a beet), but then once the shirt was cleaned with water and left to dry it turned such a faint dusty pink. 

By T-Elizabeth


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