Brand Muse: Kinga Csilla

A little about where we’re from…

After reflecting on ten years as a creative director and team leader for some of sydney’s leading lifestyle  brands , kinga csilla founder, laura liles came to realise her true creative vision; To design and direct a collection that felt good to produce, sell and wear thus launching her label kinga csilla. 

The principles on which kinga csilla is founded are simple; produce bi-monthly collections with a sense of mindfulness. Taking care to be kind to both the maker and the environment whilst creating garments that each owner sees value in wearing beyond a singular season. Working closely with makers and embroidery artisans in india, kinga csilla has deliberate methods to produce without the burden of standard industry minimums. These practices, far removed from those employed in fast fashion, both reduce textile wastage and allow for the production of truly inimitable garments. 

With a deep respect for her audience, laura endeavors to provide  through the creation of collections that marry timeless, romantic silhouettes with intricate artful embellishment, garments that are easily treasured, worn and reworn. 

Shop Kinga Csilla

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