Friendships & Motherhood

Motherhood. It has changed me in many ways I never thought to be possible. I have become stronger, intuitive, resourceful & the biggest one self less. One thing I never thought would change after the excitement of welcoming a new baby would be the changing of my friendships. I’ve always been invested in my friends & keeping our relationships strong. After the birth of my children at 21 & at 29 I realized it didn’t matter at what age it happened, it just did.

I found out each time that it’s hard to nurture friendships when you’re busy raising kids. You find out the hard way that coming & going whenever you please disappears. While I always cherished my friends I never meant to loose touch, it just happened over time. I just lost track of time in a sea of errands, chores, work, blogging & children!

Our girlfriends are important, our relationships outside of home are needed. They help us & move us, they inspire & motivate us to be better and to do better. Our friends listen and empathize while showing compassion. Plus, they show us a really great time & remind us of who we really are. For many years of coming to terms with friends coming and going in and out of my life. I realized the older I became the more I needed those friends. The more I needed to find the true friends.

Telling myself over and over it’s quality over quantity. To start searching for those that are honest and true. The loyalty & the real conversations were what I was craving. So in light of this all I started to search for a new tribe. A relatable kind, that understands motherhood in all its glory. The dirty & tough stuff not the sugar coated glorified kind because those don’t really exist!

Even though friendships may change, take the time to find yourself & re evaluate the kind of new friendships you want after adapting to motherhood. Besides being a mother & wife I’m also a lifestyle & littles blogger. And for that journey I appreciate the new path it has taken me on to find those friends. It’s made me feel more empowered as a mother & female. I have found a tribe that understands me and my dedication to my children. Best of all I’ve found people who bring out the best in me!

Keisha Boutilier
Loving Littles Blog

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