You & Milk– French trendy breastfeeding brand

You & Milk is the first brand that celebrates Breastfeeding and Family. The collection focuses on dressing mothers and their babies matchy-matchy in organic and sustainable fabrics.

The idea was to create clothes with no compromise between practical and aesthetic. The DNA of You & Milk is to go further than to dress nursing mothers: to spice up and freshen up their wardrobe. The founders, Aurélie & Edouard, couple both in life and at work, have fully experienced breastfeeding as a team effort and a family affair.

This inspired them to create a brand that conveys these precious family values by imagining collections that highlight this strong bond through creations dressing the whole family in the breastfeeding adventure.

After her first pregnancy, Aurélie loved seeing her body evolve with maternity. Still, she was also keen to cherish this body in clothes that would allow her to rediscover the pleasure of creating feminine, timeless, and trendy looks, perfect for everyday life, events, and working days. That is why she decided with Edouard, to launch You & Milk in September 2019.

Environmental and family values are more than ever at the heart of their approach.

You & Milk designs its collections in France. The clothes are made in Portugal, France, and Italy, with quality materials and perfect cuts. The brand works with certified fabrics such as “Ecovero” and “Detox” certifications, the environmental awareness of the brand being at the heart of its values.

You & Milk is also a community committed to a women’s association in Côte d’Ivoire (association “C.A.M.A,” Center d’Aide aux Mamans d’Anani) and breastfeeding struggles. The brand donates one euro per box sold to this association to support purchasing milk and food for families in need. The brand aspires to a world where breastfeeding is not a controversial subject but a link between women, mothers, and families.

Their Mantra, “Milk with Love,” illustrates how much motherhood and creating a brand are carried by this unconditional feeling: Love.

Explore You & Milk Here

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