Mineral Undies by Huha

Let’s talk about underwear: are you cheeky, comfort always first? Perhaps you are in your early postpartum days. Whatever your preference, it’s time to think about the materials that make up your underwear. Sustainable underwear brands are on a mission to improve your intimates with environmentally-friendly materials and ethical practices, but what about underwear specifically to keep you breathing, down there.

Introducing Huha, a sustainable underwear brand that treats your vagina with care.

Cheeky Mineral Undies are available here

You’re probably thinking, how exactly does underwear enter into the conversation of feminine care. Their breathable underwear is made from super soft tree-derived fabrics and infused with healing Zinc Oxide. Most underwear brands are made with synthetic fabrics (like nylon, polyester, and polyamide) that aren’t breathable and trap moisture. Trapped moisture can lead to bacteria growth, a disturbance of your pH balance.

Huha created underwear made from zinc-infused fabrics, which are supposed to be more breathable and moisture-wicking than cotton underwear.

Having tried Huha myself, I am incredibly impressed with the comfort. Their vulva-loving design has full coverage lining and no uncomfortable seams. Their TENCEL™ fibres are super soft and naturally breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable. I can confirm these are the softest pair of undies I currently own and I am quite literally obsessed. The minerals inside the fibres protect the undies against the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

I also want to touch on how body-positive Huha is.

The underwear brand reminds us all not only do we deserve happy, healthy vaginas, but all bodies are beautiful. Huha ranges from XS to 3XL in size.

Cheeky Mineral Undies are available here

These undies are an excellent investment!

Explore & Shop Huha Here

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