In Conversation With Muse Kimberley Byrom Founder of GOYA

What inspired your business, Goya?

I started to wear menorquinas, the shoe that inspired GOYA, some years back when I was holidaying in Formentera and Ibiza, where I met my husband. I’d return to London, where I was living at the time, and feel that the sandal as it was didn’t feel right when I wasn’t in the Mediterranean. So I wanted to adapt it into something more suited to my day-to-day life … more substantial and more trend relevant.

You named your brand after your grandmother. What is your favourite memory of her?

I don’t know if there’s a concrete favourite memory but more a lasting impression on my life. She was artistic and stylish, fun and naughty, and caring and giving. She was strong, a true matriarch for our family.

Photographed by Luiny

What is your favourite sandal from your collection, and why?

I’m a little obsessed with the felt bow sandals—basically, all the styles that are oversized and over the top tend to be my favourites. Shoes and accessories, in general, have the ability to lift and make any outfit, and I think this style can steal the show.

You’re pregnant! Congratulations. How are you feeling emotionally, and how has your support system been?

Tough question because I don’t think we always have time even to ask that of ourselves. Certainly, as I have a 2-year-old, I have less time to indulge and truly enjoy this pregnancy as I did with my first pregnancy. I think sleep and good nutrition are the pillars of wellness, so I try to look after myself in those aspects, although it isn’t easy!

You feel most beautiful when?

When I feel relaxed. Being a mum leaves you less time to look in the mirror, and I think that isn’t a bad thing; it makes you less preoccupied with how you look, and as such, you have to be confident in who you are and not waste time with worries. We are all human. Also, no one can make you feel as beautiful as your baby does when they look at you adoringly and unconditionally.

Do you think GOYA will expand to children’s sizes?

I think this is quite possible, yes. This style of shoe is so cute for kids, and I get a lot of requests for children’s sizes.

Photographed by Luiny

How has pregnancy changed your daily routine as a career woman?

My days are shorter because I do the nursery run, but I appreciate my work time and workspace each day before picking up the mum role again in the evenings.

What is one thing you didn’t expect that came with pregnancy?

The well-wishers … passers-by in the street, in the grocery store, and all over the place! It makes you feel special to be seen and recognized for the great feat that you are achieving; even though it is so human and so natural, it feels good to be congratulated!

How do you think motherhood will impact your career?

I think that motherhood has the ability to eclipse all else. Frankly, it is the most important job that we will ever have, but that said, personally, I like the balance of my career role and hope that I can maintain momentum and focus.

Lastly, who is your Mother Muse?

That would have to be my own mum. She is a bit of a superwoman!

Photographed by Luiny

About GOYA

GOYA collections are created around the premise of seasonless, timeless product. In late 2015, we embarked to honour the menorquina sandal, as worn for over a century in Mediterranean Spain. Our unique interpretation reimagines this classic footwear and presents a singular silhouette of shoe, for men and women, with signature details and a defining form.

Our experienced teams in Elche and Elda, Alicante, deliver a product that is proudly ‘Hecho en España’, Made in Spain; Spanish production and leather sourcing are of key importance to the brand vision.

The GOYA ambition is to deliver a timeless, recognisable sandal with everlasting appeal; as such, we develop our line of shoes to present base collections with longevity alongside a focused but transeasonal evolvement of the brand proposition.

Shop GOYA Here

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