Cool Alternative Lingerie for This Valentine’s Day

Every woman is aware that nothing can ruin their day faster than an uncomfortable bra. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you may be thinking that a lacy underwire bra is necessary right now, but nine times out of ten, that fancy lingerie just sits in your drawer after one wear. Even though it’s not your intention, buying that unnecessary piece of lingerie is contributing to the negative aspects of consumerism.

Mother Muse founder Shereen wears the Muse bra available here

If there is one thing I learned in 2020 besides staying home, wearing a mask, and washing my hands, it’s the amount of unnecessary clothing and lingerie options I have. I truly only need comfort, reliability, and something that will give me the support I need. Yes, I am still talking about a bra!

So here is a cool alternative for this Valentine’s Day: treat yourself to the everyday bra that will be there for you permanently and not just feel like a one-night stand. Ask yourself how many times you’ve worn a frilly, lacy, underwire bra that you daydreamed of tearing off because it was so uncomfortable!

While there are thousands of bras available to choose from, you’ve probably found out the hard way that many are not as comfortable as they claim to be. So instead of wasting time and money on painful options, here’s a recommendation that I promise won’t let you down.

Mother Muse founder Shereen wears the Muse bra available here

Bravado Designs.

Bravado offers everything from flattering, everyday bras to versatile, convertible options for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers. Their bras are super supportive and designed with women’s bodies in mind. They are a proud, Canadian company, designed in Toronto by women for all women. Bravado views design from the anti-mass-consumerism side.

“In a world where fast fashion has become so prevalent, inexpensive and trendy bras are poorly manufactured in return for a quick release. As a result, they are worn a few times, then replaced once they break down. These bras are ultimately disposed of, contributing to the problem of accumulating clothing waste in landfills. We ensure our bras are made to last, whether as an everyday T-shirt bra or a nursing go-to bra. Our extensive development process ranges from fabric sourcing to colour testing to thorough washing to boost durability. This meticulous approach translates into high-quality garments that can withstand everyday wear, so they can be enjoyed by women for longer periods of time, therefore reducing waste and helping our environment.”

Mother Muse founder Shereen wears the Muse bra available here

The takeaway from this—and coming from someone who owns many Agent Provocateur sets and La Perla bras—I’d much rather pay $60 for an everyday bra with women in mind versus $110 on one single underwire bra. The way I see it, I save money this Valentine’s season on lingerie and can put the remainder of what I would have spent on chocolate and flowers for myself because…girl power.

Shop Bravado Designs Here

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