In Conversation With Model & Muse Brook Power

Photographed by Emma Bella Bassill

2020 has been really testing. Emotionally, how are you feeling?

Well, I’m currently standing in my living room which flooded last week, surveying how much of it needs to be demoed…floors, walls. It’s days before Christmas and a month and a half before this baby in my belly is due. So that is the cherry on top of this year! It really has been trial on top of trial on top of trial all year, for most of us. I’m so exhausted; I’m near numb at this point. I’m hoping that because of this year my patience and perseverance have grown. But I might just be more anxious because of it! I’m trying to focus on keeping myself sane and still being somewhat there for the rest of my family and friends who are struggling financially and mentally. It’s a juggle! But humanity is stronger together.

How has your second pregnancy been different from your first?

I think my belly is slightly bigger this time around, but that’s about it! I have tons of acid reflux still.

It’s crucial not to let stress take over, especially in pregnancy. What advice do you have for expecting mothers right now?

Stay active, get outside, get in the sun, and take Vitamin D. It’s really important for hormonal balance and, therefore, mental health. I know that’s easier said than done in a lot of snow-covered places though! I couldn’t have gotten through this year without nature. It makes me feel so small, and that helps me put life into perspective.

Are you still able to find some time for yourself?

Sometimes I sneak up the mountain behind my house by myself. Or take my horse out by myself. Or get in a beach walk while my four-year-old is at school in the morning. Even just an hour of being alone a day is fairly rejuvenating.

Do you believe in birth plans? And if so what’s yours for your second?

I don’t necessarily not believe in birth plans; I’m just not that kind of a girl personally. I’m blessed that my body knew what to do efficiently my first time around, so I’m praying it does the same this second time around. I didn’t do any birthing classes with my first one, just talked to experienced women around me that I trusted. I don’t like to overthink or over plan for anything. A lot of women obsess over childbirth too much, it becomes a whole complex of stress and anxiety, and I don’t think our bodies perform best when our minds are working like that. I trusted my instincts and trusted the people around me to help me make any decisions and took things as they came. I think training yourself to stay relaxed through childbirth is probably beneficial to any birth plan!

What is your favourite part of being pregnant?

Making boys do chores for me that I don’t want to do!

What are your favourite skincare products to use during your pregnancy?

I use Embryolisse face cream a lot because my skin has been extra dry throughout pregnancy.

Lastly, who is your Mother Muse?

There’s this old movie called National Velvet with Elizabeth Taylor when she was just a kid. The mom in the movie is my Mother Muse; she’s so calm and cool and wise—definitely characteristics I need to improve upon.

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