The Sacred Window of Postpartum & Ayurveda by Daniela Escobar Founder of Soma Shakti

In the sacred space after childbirth, nature offers mothers a window for nourishment. This is a time of deep connection, bonding, and total devotion. During this beautiful, but intensive period, mothers are more vulnerable to becoming depleted, and, if self-care is not prioritised, health and emotional imbalances can manifest. The physiological changes that occur during this crucial period of time need to be addressed with love and appropriate care. Ayurveda’s breadth of knowledge is a powerful tool that can support mothers during this transitional and expansive time.

Ayurveda, the holistic science of life, explains that the digestive fire lessens tremendously after childbirth. It then needs to be re-kindled with awareness by eating the proper foods, spices, and herbs. When the digestive fire is disturbed, mental and emotional imbalances occur. Without attention, such imbalances make themselves known as depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and even arthritis. New mamas need to be nourished with wholesome meals that are easily digested and assimilated, in combination with herbs that will support the healing, rejuvenation, and breastfeeding processes.

Agni, or Digestive Fire, is not only what helps us digest, assimilate, and absorb the food that we eat; it is also the fire that helps us digest our emotions. This fire is life itself, and it is that essence that will provide the support a new mother needs to nourish and care for her newborn. Ayurveda explains that everything we consume, through food and thought, will create rasa or plasma (the primary bodily tissue). Rasa shares an intimate relationship with breast milk. After digestion, the food that becomes rasa will then become milk—making a holistic and nourishing diet a vital part of the postpartum and nursing experience.

When Agni (the digestive fire) is balanced, mothers can manage better the sleepless nights and intense changes that accompany new motherhood. Ayurveda and the Wise Women Tradition explains that, after childbirth, it is important for the new mother to drink nutritious herbal infusions and consume creamy vegetable soups, healthy oils, and wholesome grains. These nutrient-dense but simple meals will sustain the body, mind, and soul—therefore nourishing the baby with what is known as Divine Mother’s Nectar.

My offering to all beautiful mothers or mothers-to-be is awareness of, and support for, this sacred window, and to offer you ways you can be nurtured during this vulnerable time. I suggest prioritising a plan for your postpartum journey with tremendous care and love.

Sweet Water Nursing Tea

2 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp fenugreek seeds
1 tsp of chamomile
A thermos full of boiled water

Once the hot water is poured into the thermos, add the herbs and spices. Let sit until it becomes lukewarm and drink throughout the day.

About Soma-Shakti

At Soma-shakti, we offer programs that include meals, herbs, and treatments for all mothers post-childbirth in Sydney. You can find essential information on herbs, meals, and the sacred window in the book “Healing Recipes for the Newborn Mother: Nourishing Meals for the First 10 Days After Childbirth” by Daniela Escobar.


I’ve been using Soma-Shakti’s Abhyanga Oil Package for Mother and Baby for quite some time, available here. These two oils are handcrafted using high-quality ingredients. The Mother Oil is made with organic Dashamoola and Rose Petals in Sesame Oil, as well as Sandalwood essential oil, and natural Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant and can benefit the skin by reducing UV damage. The Sandalwood helps skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. The oil smells incredible from the combination of its organic ingredients listed above. I use mine before bed after bathing. I recommend the bundle of both Mother and Baby so that you and your little one can make a tradition after bath time to massage baby with oil, then yourself, and snuggle into bed.

The Baby Oil is made with organic Sunflower Oil infused with Calendula, Chamomile, and Lavender, as well as natural Vitamin E, to help hydrate skin. The ultra-mild natural fragrance is calming. You can tell this product has been carefully crafted with your precious little one’s delicate skin in mind. You can purchase these as a Package for Mom and Baby or individually, and they make the perfect gift for any mother or little.  

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May all mamas be supported during this sacred time.
With love,

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