Inspired by French Heritage & California Spirit, Choix is a Feminine Collection Celebrating the Ever-Changing Female Body

The concept was born in 2019, six months after Marjorie, founder of Choix, had her first baby. She faced many challenges to dress up while breastfeeding; from odd fitting nursing clothing (functional but not stylish) to mainly synthetic poor quality fabrics. While building her mom village, Marjorie quickly realized she wasn’t the only one with wardrobe problems on the motherhood wagon.


In my opinion, the clothes capture a laid-back appeal with the cool French-girl style we all crave. With Choix, you get the best of both worlds with an affordable price point. The most expensive piece is $159.00, which is incredibly reasonable.

The online shopping experience with Choix is easy to navigate. The branding and storefront showcase relatable and beautiful images. I like to shop easily, and my personal preference is to see all options and then filter. Choix really keeps it simple and straight to the point, which overall made it less stressful to shop online.

I’m personally trying to rule out materials that are bad for the environment and was really impressed with the fabrics used to make each clothing piece. Choix sources deadstock fabrics and environmentally-friendly materials such as Lyocell, Tencel™ Modal, Cupro, and Cotton. Choix focuses on breathable fabrics.


“Mothers are constantly running around with no time to even take a breath. Hormonal fluctuations can occur after pregnancy and affect the way our bodies regulate temperature, which can leave us feeling hotter than normal. Add a warm snuggly baby while nursing and you end up in a sweaty mess. Women face hot flashes and night sweats which are often linked to hormonal imbalances, especially during menopause.”

I also appreciate Marjorie’s approach of focusing on a small debut collection. The Cache Mon Coeur collection is perfect. Although small, it’s mighty and focuses on building a staple wardrobe. This strategy is more successful for the environment. The point isn’t just to sell but to sell out and create less product waste. Choix offers the main pieces every woman should have in her closet, but not boring. And every piece is breastfeeding-friendly!


Explore Choix Here

Our Muse. Tess Vi Norman wearing The Cache Mon Coeur collection


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