Plant-based and Cruelty-free Skincare by Matana Organics

Matana Organics is a plant-based, cruelty-free skincare line devoted to providing mothers of all stages feel-good beauty. We’re here to set the tone for a new experience in pre and postpartum skincare. The natural way. 


Our Story

Motherhood inevitably leads to big changes in all parts of life, for myself these weren’t just lifestyle changes but a new found passion. Prior to having my baby I always lived a relatively healthy lifestyle but when I found out I was expecting I was even more cautious and mindful of my body. Like most expecting mothers, I became acutely aware of the harmful products I was putting on my skin. So, at 7 months pregnant I waddled into my bathroom and began creating my own blend of oils and butters for necessity and peace of mind. This grew into a passion and desire to learn more about skincare. But my love for skincare started long before I even became mother. I’ve always been a skincare junkie and as an adolescent was taught to use a holistic approach to most of my skincare needs. Not because I wanted to use natural remedies but because growing up in an immigrant household my mom refused to spend her paycheck on drugstore skin care products. At the time I didn’t understand.

My mother is from one of the poorest countries in Latin America and grew up in a village where everyone used what they had in their backyard and kitchen as their “Sephora”. From distilled eucalyptus leaves to heal wounds to a lemon as a deodorant. These tips were handed down to me and when I finally became a mother I realized the lesson my mother was trying to teach me. The natural approach is the most effective and safe way to achieving a healthier glow. For so long I was mindful of what I was putting into my body that I neglected to be conscious of what I was putting on my skin. Realizing that there were much more toxic products than safe and clean pushed me to take matters into my own hands. Not just for myself but for my baby.

Matna_SarahHoagPhotography (43 of 102) copy.jpg

Matana in Hebrew means gift.
Your baby is the most precious Matana.
Your body is the most precious Matana.
And so it only feels right to treat your skin with the same love and gratitude.
Simple, Clean, Safe and Organic Always..

The inspiration behind Matana

“My passion for clean beauty was all because I wanted to make positive choices in my life that my daughter can model the same way my mother had.” Gabriela Babila

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So, after careful research and with the help of skincare experts and organic chemists, our first product came to life. A simple, clean, and organic Stretch Mark Oil that leaves your skin hydrated without the greasy residue most oils leave behind. And with other formulations in the works, we are excited about providing plant-based, organic beauty products that nurture the skin the way Mother Nature intended.

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