One of the most noticeable transitions I personally found when I welcomed motherhood was prioritizing my comfort when it came to attire. My day’s routine has become far more different than what it looked like before children. Between spending more time chasing after my little ones and trying to focus on my style when- if – I actually have the chance to get out, I realize there has been one shoe brand that I’ve never lost site of (and use of):


I have been wearing Seychelles Shoes since my early days in University. As a full-time student, working nights and weekends at local retail jobs, I would comfortably wear my Seychelles for hours on end. Yes- hours. Not minutes. Not seconds. Hours.

(High heels included!)


As I now embrace the busy days of parenthood, the last thing I want to do is compromise my style and comfort. So… I don’t! I still wear the boots and heels I purchased many moons ago, considering how clean, versatile and timeless Seychelles’ style is.

Seychelles is a brand that I’ve been able to grow with. They continue to compliment my ever-changing lifestyle. From the moment I discovered them, I knew they’d be a brand that I could trust and, most importantly, wear!

This Seychelles season’s collection, as expected, does not disappoint!

Seychelles always offers an array of styles and colors. Their quality is, for lack of a better word, unbelievable. All shoes are hand-crafted and carefully selected. And each season provides reasonably priced quality shoes that you know you will wear to the end of their days. But even when it comes down to that, they’re worth the repair (Like the black wedges I had to get professionally resoled because I wore them day-in and day-out and could not find my size… anywhere.).


As their website states, “We believe what you wear should not complicate your life. Rather, it should empower you to more easily move through it.”

They’ve got that right! Who needs uncomfortable, unaffordable footwear, witout compromising style, when you’ve got * better * things to worry about!

That awkward-heel-stumble we’ve all experienced, or at the very least, witnessed? Forget it! Buy a pair of Seychelles. You’ll be sashaying in those heels no problem.

Those boots you saved up for that only end up cramping your toes with every step you take? Donate them! Seychelles will never allow a toe to suffer!

These shoes are meant to be worn. They’re meant to be seen. They’re meant to be loved. And I can promise you, they will do it all! Due to Seychelles’ innovative technology and dedication, they truly take comfort and style very seriously.

Each shoe has three layers: First, their patented Sey-Curve™ technology. Second, a curved insole and finally, a layer of OrthoLite® Hybrid™ foam insoles. These specific layers provide the comfort that we all need, while ensuring that it will be a shoe that will last.

Every single style of Seychelles are fit tested by their team to ensure the customer gets exactly what they expect- no painful, stressed-out feet.

“These are shoes you will live in and love for years to come- they only get better with age.”


From hands-on experience, I can personally vouch and endorse that promise.


Shop Seychelles Here

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