From New Moms, to Those Who Have Lost, or for Those Who Are Dealing With Personal Struggle, Tiny Tags Celebrates You.


The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s high time to settle on that perfect gift that your mother, yourself or a friend undoubtedly deserves. And while a gift card too Sephora is satisfying in the short term, a delicate piece of jewelry is the lasting alternative to such ephemeral options. I was searching for a necklace that I could name tag, something simple with an unexpected twist that will stand the test of time—and that won’t break the bank.

This is when I came across Tiny Tags. A jewelry brand that celebrates the journey of motherhood with personalized necklaces, bracelets, charms and more. Popular amongst celebrities and social media I found Tiny Tags on Instagram and immediately wanted to explore their offerings.

Tiny Tag Finals

Most other personalized jewelry companies use ‘diamond drag’ to engrave their jewelry. Diamond drag cuts the metal using a bit to scratch the metal. Laser engraving uses a laser beam to engrave and does not cut the metal creating a fine, smooth finish. Tiny Tags believe laser engraving creates a finer, more elegant personalized piece of jewelry. At Tiny Tags over 14 artisans are involved in every single Tiny Tags and all come with a lifetime guarantee (including chains).

Tiny Tags is my heart and soul and an absolutely extension of what is in my heart’. My greatest joy since starting Tiny Tags has been hearing from moms about what having a Tiny Tags necklace means to them. From new moms beaming with pride and love over their new bundle of joy, to moms who are wearing their necklaces in remembrance of their little ones, or as a symbol of strength for those loved ones dealing with a personal struggle. Everyday I feel so blessed for our community of moms.”  

Melissa Clayton CEO and founder of Tiny Tags.”

When my Tiny Tags pieces arrived I was over the moon. They were packaged beautifully and extremely well protected. You can tell when a brand goes above and beyond in their craftsmanship and Tiny Tags does just that. The necklaces are amazing quality. I will treasure them forever. The necklaces are a gentle reminder as I look down at my piece with my children names that the hard days are worth it and I carry their love with me at all times.

Tiny Tag Finals-3

Explore Tiny Tags

They are committed to celebrating & honouring each womens’ unique journey to motherhood.



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