Grab and Go With GoNap

GoNap is the best kept secret by being guilt free, making the way we change our babies much easier.

GoNap was born out of necessity. An on-the-go, out and about kind of Mama was forever asking the question “isn’t there some sort of product on the market that gets me? That understands my lifestyle and that I just want to run out the door with my beautiful baby, my bank card & my phone – not be ball and chained to that massive, bulky diaper bag?


Their mission? To make “environmentally conscious all-in-one diaper pack on the market. Everything from the packaging, to the wipes, to the change mat, to the actual diaper is eco-conscious – a big consideration in today’s disposable society.” And GoNap is succeeding.

GoNap can take away the stress for parents by offering a quick alternative for errands, short work meetings, and park days. These all-in-one packs are perfect and ideal when you know you will not be out all day. When my first order arrived I was blown away by the concept. It’s genuinely one of the coolest easy made parent hacks I’ve seen in awhile. I knew it was an A-plus when my husband said “this is what I’ve been looking for.”

The packaging is playful yet straight to the point and GoNap is here with Mother Nature in mind. “We are OK that there are wrinkles and crinkles in places that maybe commercial and plastic packaging would’ve avoided. We are OK that every GoNap package is unique and tells its own story. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure GoNap is as eco-conscious as possible now, and we continue on our eco journey into the future to deliver a product that our consumers can feel good about.”


The Diapers

Are made of soft bamboo and biodegradable with zero nasties. They are hypoallergenic with sensitive baby skin in mind. Offered in a variety of sizes from newborn to toddler.

The Wet Wipes

Are 100% plant based with ingredients like aloe vera and vegetable fibre and again purely biodegradable. Fragrance free, alcohol free, no chlorine, phthalates or parabens!

The Changing Mat

Is made of polylactide a biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic. PLA can decompose into carbon dioxide and water in a controlled composting environment in under 90 days.


Clearly, GoNap is dedicated to their cause—and has been since before fashion and parenting brands woke up to environmental issues. “Each and every GoNap sold donates 5 cents to our Charity Buddies on your behalf. GoNap Charity Buddies are carefully chosen not-for-profit charities that could possibly have a direct link to you, your neighbour, your friend or family member.


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