Over the Moon for Ilado

Ilado is more than a beautiful crafted designed necklace it is stemmed from ancestral benefits. It is a Harmony Ball necklace.

What is that?

The Angel Caller that is also called “Bola” or “Harmony Ball” is an ancestral jewelry that can be found in many cultures across the world. … Beyond its soothing effect for the baby, the Angel Caller pregnancy necklace is a meaningful jewelry piece for mothers-to-be and young mothers.


When my Ilado package arrived I was over the moon literally as the selected choice was their pink 18k gold plated moon necklace available here. The necklace was packaged in a box using minimal packaging with the environment in mind but was still safely protected. When I lifted the lid off the box the movement caused the necklace to move and the soft gentle chime from the harmony necklace was heard. It was beautiful and immediately I realized how special this piece of jewelry was to me.

Something that will forever be treasured. 


The benefits of the Ilado maternity necklace is to promote prenatal bonding.

From the 26th week of pregnancy, your baby will become progressively more responsive to familiar sounds in the natural environment – the beating of your heart, your breathing – as well as external sound stimuli such as voices, music and song. The abdominal wall filters out and muffles high-pitched sounds. However, baby can hear low frequency sounds like dad’s voice or low notes. The unborn child immediately senses these positive vibrations and the melody of the pendant is like a soft whispering in baby’s ear.

The maternity necklace is also self-soothing and its chime is a gentle reminder that the harder days are worth it. The soft vibrations of your maternity necklace can lead you towards a state of well-being. When researching more about the benefits of maternity necklaces I read after birth, the familiar melody is said to soothe newborns. Mothers can hang it over the cradle or sew it into a blanket to calm their baby.

How to use it



What Inspired Ilado

We discovered maternity necklaces during our own pregnancies. We created ILADO so we could share this experience with as many mothers as possible. We hope that your maternity necklace will bring you joy and serenity as you connect with your baby, even before the wonderful moment of birth, and that it will become a beautiful symbol of your precious bond with your child.

Sandra Zeller & Naïs Sae-Jiw

Explore & Learn More About Ilado 

For USA click here

International click here

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