The Best CBD Products Are Now Gathered in One Place: Feel CBD

From tinctures and vapes to edible oils and topicals, CBD is having a major moment; and we’re so here for it.

The discussion around marijuana and the plant’s incredible benefits has us exploring and finding attributes that are incredibly intriguing.

Despite what most believe, Cannabidiol oil, AKA CBD, does not get you high. Unlike THC, it will not induce an incredible psychoactive effect. It is not intoxicating. It’s simply a derivative from the plant, which has incredible, anti-anxiety properties.

CBD will not alter your mind’s state. Just as we add hemp seeds to our granola in the morning, CBD is quite harmless, though incredibly beneficial. It can aid in many physical and mental issues that some people, including mothers, may have including: stress. Yes, stress.


When exploring this topic, I personally wanted to find a brand and product that I could trust. I also wanted something that was easy to use and affordable.

Introducing: Feel CBD, a company that provides transparency through their incredible knowledge on Cannabidiol.

Their website is very simple to navigate. You’re either purchasing a pen or 1oz bottle of their oil.

The pen arrives in a simple box along with its plug-in. Once your pen is charged, you simply pull from the end, which has the hole, and breathe out relaxation.

The oil has a measured dropper to ensure the right dose. They suggest beginning with 5mg (which is marked on the said dropper). You simply drop the oil under the tongue and let it dissolve.

The most attractive part of this brand is its ingredients. The company provides an incredibly simple ingredient list for the pens: Organic hemp CBD oil, coconut oil and essential oils, which provides a pleasant, unique taste with each pull. As for the edible oil, grape seed oil is added for its consistency. There are absolutely no additives in either product option.


From the taste of cinnamon with their Love pen, to the hint of lavender in their calm pen, each product has a mild yet impressionable linger.

What a refreshing, fun and simple way to get your day’s dose of CBD. This company may help provide relief for the average momma struggling with PPD, PPA, or just for a simple, calming effect on your every day tasks.

We get it: motherhood can be hard. So, we wanted to share a brand with you that we personally use every day and have helped us immensely.

To make it even better, we’d like to offer you an exclusive discount. At use the code MotherMuse10 for $10 CAD off your first purchase

Review by Mother Muse Julian Jamie

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