Teat & Cosset Celebrates Breastfeeding With Effortless and Elegant Designs for New Moms


Pregnancy is a beautiful and celebrated time in a woman’s life; maternity and postpartum clothes often are not. Though huge strides have been made from the shapeless styles our foremothers have worn during pregnancy. We still notice a gap in the market that focuses on elegant pieces catered to the nursing phase.

Mother Muse wanted to find a label that embraced the breastfeeding, pregnancy and postpartum form while still allowing you to feel feminine and elegant—this is when we came across Teat & Cosset a line that is dedicated to the three pillars of motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum and importantly breastfeeding. 

One of the largest obstacles facing pregnant and breastfeeding moms is finding functional yet stylish clothing. So we make superior quality clothes that telegraph style and not ‘maternity-wear’. 

Embrace that everything will get stained a lot faster in your new role as a mother but beautiful clothing is meant to be worn. The wear and tear becomes a special memory in your new role you have taken with your baby. It’s a gentle reminder that motherhood is beautiful and messy all at the same time. I recommend investing in a special piece that will make you feel confident in your new journey.


Along with getting used to my new role as a mother came the need for all types of baby gear, including breastfeeding tops. Besides not always being functional, most nursing wear had that same tired stretchy wrap look with minuscule openings that I rarely used.

I went to my local seamstress to have two shirts made to my specifications. Wearing these beautiful, functional clothes positively changed how I felt about my experience nursing and pumping and Teat & Cosset was born. 

— Peggy Founder of Teat & Cosset

Each piece from the collection is thoughtfully produced in Italy only offering quality and exceptional craftsmanship. The founder knows that your best bet is wearing something that can easily unbutton for your baby without revealing too much skin and we promise the pieces do just that.


With spring and summer in the air we decided to share three beautiful dresses from their latest Italian made collection: Camilla Dress, Lolla Dress, and Catalina Dress. Perfect for weekend brunches, wedding season, baby showers and more. These dresses will be the feminine touch you need to compliment your beauty. All three of these dresses are bump, nursing friendly, machine washable and one of them even has pockets! 

Explore Teat & Cosset

Offering nursing tops, bottoms, dresses and more

And just like how Teat & Cosset celebrates the three pillars of motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding we wanted to share the collection with three muses that represent each pillar.


Our muses are sisters

Vanessa of Cultivate & Co. pregnant with her second, Mariah co-founder of The Habit Project & recently had her second baby boy & Danielle co-founder of The Habit Project who has two adorable toddlers a boy & a girl. 



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