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Breathable and supportive all at the same time Matek sports bra makes you feel well taken care of. Besides being athletic wear it is also a great alternative as a top, it can be worn under any clothing. It just feels nice to be in it. A quality piece that is made of breathable layered mesh with both clasps allowing you to breastfeed easy. Matek sports bra is also adjustable on the sides so it gives you room when you need it or snug tighter for better support. This piece is definitely a must to have.


A sports bra that is breastfeeding friendly!

About Matek

We’re just gonna come right out and say it: we’re niche. We offer only what we specialize in, but we promise it’s special.

We can’t guarantee you’ll be completely safe on the mountain. Nor can we promise that you didn’t mistake someone else’s orange helmet for your brother’s, and have subsequently ended up in rough terrain where you have no place being. We can’t guarantee that your boots are securely fastened to your snowboard. And we certainly can’t promise that your partner will find the pole you dropped off the chairlift. And we take absolutely no responsibility for that.

But here’s what we can offer: made-in-California Technical Performance Intimates™. Never heard of it? That’s because we invented it.

These are the baselayers of winter sports apparel. Think of them as a second skin, yet ones that combine technical materials with performance-enhancing fits and details that pieces this intimate require.


What do we mean by intimate? Think about it: whether you’re hitting the slopes or hitting your foot against the ground because it’s currently numb, our Technical Performance Intimates™ will be the first things you put on in the morning and the last things you take off après-après. We call them intimates because they are, quite literally, intimate.

Which is why our pieces will not only keep you warm when you’re cold and dry when you’re sweaty, but they’ll also make you feel like a double-black diamond even if you’re speeding uncontrollably down a bunny hill, legs splayed and arms flailing. Because as we like to say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts—or in our case, the layer closest to your skin.



After about 7 months of development I did a wear test in April 2018 with two of my core styles, a bra and full body longjohn (now known as the Gentoo). 30 women, testing both styles, anywhere from Squaw Valley ski patrol ladies to my mom and her girlfriends on a spring ski trip in Utah for a week and then back home in cold NY. This early iteration of the bra had buttons all the way down center front and front closures/sliders on the straps. One of my friends that recently had a baby saw the bra and noticed the front and strap construction was very similar to her nursing bra which was a VERY cool discovery to me. So I had her and two other new mama friends test the bra as well, I’m in that age where my friends are just now getting pregnant and having babies.

Honestly, I had never seen a nursing bra before this interaction and was truly shocked at how mechanical and not cute it was.

No matter if my friends were nursing, pumping, or neither. I did know that they were all going through so many physical and emotional changes throughout their pregnancy and especially après giving birth. It made zero sense to me that in this moment–when they are going through these changes and giving life to another human that this is the one time in your life you are forced to wear the one bra that could not possibly help with any self confidence. So the idea of providing a bra that didn’t make them feel like a piece of feeding machinery and an actual woman doing a magical thing was very exciting to me.


Back to the wear test–after a month of testing and hearing all the feedback from the 30 women I decided to remove the buttons because they weren’t serving the function I had intended for them, so I circled back with the mama testers and asked if it would still function for them without the center front opening. The mamas SAID YES! They said it was actually easier just to undo the strap and pop their boob out not using the center front and also the two layers of power mesh were a great solve for leaking. Which was amazing news to me as I could now add my two bras were nursing friendly.

For me, if Matek can be in the rotation of bras for mamas that even just on the one day they need a boost or to just look in the mirror and say wow, you look cute, thats a win.

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