Muse Review, Leveret


Remember the days when we had the opportunity to wake up when we wanted? Shower when we wanted and get dressed in the timeframe we wanted? It sounds like a different lifetime when you become a mother. Although mornings are definitely more meaningful with our little humans we can agree somedays the farthest we get is brushing our teeth — as for attire somedays are spent in our sleepwear.


That’s why I developed some rules: for me it’s important to invest in beautiful quality sleepwear.

You may laugh but feeling presentable even if just in my sleepwear is important to me on the days I don’t get the time. Especially as a new mother when you need time to heal and indulge in your new journey with your newborn it’s easier to skip the getting dressed part and feel good in pyjamas.

When I came across Leverets new satin collection the first word that came to mind was luxury. The feeling of quality satin on my skin made the idea of working from home in my pyjamas feel a little more glamorous. The simple upgrade to nice sleepwear drastically improved my mood and ability to get things done! And let’s not forget the days when our favourite courier service comes to deliver packages…I mean do you want to answer the door with the I just rolled out of bed in my grandmas smock? 


I adored Leverets approach to family and providing quality sleepwear for everyone! If you are looking for something a little more fun they offer a wide range for kids in playful prints that even adults can enjoy too. I absolutely love them! 

About Leveret

From quality matching pajamas, rash guards and leotards, flip through our enchanting collection designed with nothing but love and an eye for detail…for you and your family.

Leveret is a U.S. based company known for their sleepwear and matching pajamas for the entire family. Leveret also has a carefully curated selection of basics for mom and child.

Comfortable, affordable, adorable!









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