Muse Review, AUDEE

Mother Muse Review, AUDEE


I am really excited to share with you this slow fashion silk scarf line called AUDEE. I immediately was drawn to this beautiful ethical line when I saw the way the scarves intertwined Mother Nature into their designs. Each silk scarf has abstract designs celebrating the movements of flowers, water, the earth we walk on. I knew it was meant to be when I read that AUDEE came to be after the founder had her son and she wanted to design meaningful fashion that was more conscious.

“My goal is to empower women to express themselves in a ‘wearing-your-heart-on-your-sleeve’ kind of way… It’s not about living up to others’ expectations of who you should be. It’s about showing the world who you are and having absolutely no shame in doing so. Because we deserve to feel good about who we are. And letting ourselves shine through in the fashion choices we make is one of life’s simple pleasures.”  – Founder of AUDEE, Odette Denijs

Each scarf is incredibly unique in design and the quality speaks for itself. AUDEE scarves are made in Italy and the stitching is remarkable it will be an ever-lasting and treasured piece. The reason I adore silk scarves is they can be used for multiple reasons I use mine in my hair, as a nursing cover when breastfeeding, around my neck (of course), as a belt, and even on my purse.

If you are already creating a Mother’s Day list of possible gift ideas I would definitely put AUDEE on your list either for yourself, a new mother or your mother. I promise you no matter whose hands it falls in they will treasure the unique design, quality and beauty.



AUDEE reinvents the classic square silk scarf with beautifully abstract, nature-inspired designs to wrap playfully around your life.

In today’s world of mindless consumption, AUDEE wants you to follow your own path, make conscious decisions and not be afraid to be yourself.

Unique capsule collection for lovers of slow fashion

AUDEE’s debut collection is an embodiment of designer Odette’s desire for a less hectic, more conscious lifestyle after becoming a mother.

“With this first collection of silk scarves, I want to reach those who identify with my brand, and with me as a designer. If you have a longing for a slower, more meaningful life with fewer, but higher quality pieces in your wardrobe, AUDEE is for you. I want to empower women to express themselves… to make the world a little bit simpler, a little bit more beautiful.”

AUDEE’s debut collection features a limited run of two beautifully abstract silk scarf designs created using a special photographic technique. The first two designs are now available online on


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