In Conversation with Laura Snelling

In conversation with photographer, model and founder of Flaming Peach Laura Snelling


Could you describe yourself in one sentence?

I get inspired by my surroundings turning it into a creation, always seeing the positive side of any situation and being sure to make a smile out of it.

What do you do for a living?

Model, Photographer & fashion and food stylist. I also started an earring and accessories label called Flaming Peach.

How has pregnancy changed your daily routine?

I am usually an overly active and outdoors adventure lover, surfing, wake-boarding and skiing. So I have defiantly had to slow down on that while being pregnant, but thats ok. We will get back to that soon, also with a little man next to me!

What is one thing you didn’t’ expect that came with pregnancy?

The hormones…oh the hormones ha. Relaxing, taking big walks and meditation has helped me get through this speed bump though.


What is your favourite part about being pregnant?

Being able to feel those precious kicks of our little creation we cant wait to meet!

Describe the word women in your own words:

My label Flaming peach has a motif I came up for the “women” of the world and I love it.

For the women who are true to themselves and happy in their own skin. For the women who know their worth and don’t let others tell them different. For the women that know every size, shape and colour is beautiful. For the women who empower women.

Did you struggle with accepting the body changes that came with pregnancy?

As I have always been modelling since I was only 13 years old, body changes were defiantly a big hurdle I had while pregnant, the weight gain especially. Not because I didn’t think I was beautiful, but I have always used to being slim and fit.

I love my exercise routines and outdoor activities, and not having the energy to keep up with that while pregnant had an emotional effect on me for sure. I have now totally accepted it and just do as much exercise as my body feels comfortable, and thats ok. I have embraced the wonderful and incredible changes pregnancy has given me. As women our bodies are magical. Growing life is nothing short of a miracle.


How do you think motherhood will impact your career?

I want to focus my attention on making sure my partner and son have a caring and loving partner and mother. I have always been a big homebody and the family unit is everything to me. I will keep creating and keep Flaming peach going as I find it so therapeutic to create! We are women! We can do it ALL!

Who are your three favourite Instagram muses to follow?

Oh there are so many inspiring accounts out there but on a creative level I always find myself scrolling the accounts of


Nat Geo Adventure

Yan Yan Chan

You feel most beautiful when?

Makeup free close to the ocean with my partner and family.

What are your favourite skincare products to use during your pregnancy?

Coconut Oil 100%, I have been lathering that baby all over my body morning and night, even up to 3 times a day! Keeping my skin really hydrated and reducing the signs of stretch marks from my growing belly. Kiehl’s Ultra facial creme in the morning and lavender oil for sleeping.


When you get a quiet moment, what do you like to do the most?

I love researching and learning about natural approaches to health, ancient remedies, recipes and how to better your health. So you will find me browsing books and online to learn more.

Who is your Mother Muse?

My mother!!

Can you give a quote about Mother Muse coffee books?

Mother Muse, a coffee table book that is an effortless and creatively pleasing approach to motherhood, highlighting the individuals beauty in all is shapes, sizes and colour.


Photographed by Karen Ishiguro
Mother Muse Laura Snelling

Clothing from Public Library Showroom



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