Dear Valentine

Dear Valentine


Dear Valentine was created by Samantha Pleet and her husband Patrick inspired by their daughter Valentine. The playful clothes are filled with a whimsy that encourages creativity and imagination in the belief that children belong in their own personal fairy tales. For fans of the Samantha Pleet women’s line you can now have matching clothes with your little friends and family members.

 The clothes are made from 100% cotton fabrics and trims, shell buttons and lead and nickel free snaps. The fabrics are selected for their breathable soft and cozy qualities. The pieces are produced at fair trade factories in India and China using natural dye and AZO free digital printing not to mention all clothes are designed at our solar paneled townhouse in Brooklyn. The fits are sized to run a bit large to allow for a longer time with the child.

We hope these clothes bring joy and wonder, are treasured and handed down to those you love.


Exclusive interview with designer Samantha Pleet

Could you describe yourself in one sentence?

I am a maker of magic, a mother, and clothing designer.

What was your life like before motherhood?

I can barely remember life before Valentine but I remember what it was not. It wasn’t filled with baby laughs, cute chubby rolls, tiny little socks, and the most adorable little voice calling “mama” or “dada” for a “huggie.” Huggie was one of her first words and I’m so blessed for that; it’s just so darn cute! I’ll stop anything I’m working on for a hug.

I used to entertain more, my house was always clean, and we used to be super spontaneous about taking trips or going out. I was always doing way too much and I still am, just different things now. Friends say it looks like I have everything together, and it doesn’t feel like that but that’s okay with me. My house is still clean, but just some of the time now.

Tell us about your newest line Dear Valentine:

Dear Valentine is all about imaginative play. Little ones should be wearing clothes that compliment how adorable they are but that also allow them to play and explore comfortably. I wanted to experiment with new shapes and also incorporate signature elements from the Samantha Pleet line like our Illuminated print and house embroidery. I think something special about this line is that you can match outfits with your little one.

What inspires the collections for Dear Valentine?

Samantha Pleet draws from Myths (Ishtar), Legends (Morgana), history (Joan of Arc), and film (Daisies). This is also true for Dear Valentine. The house Embroidery details were inspired by Alice in Wonderland, specifically, when she grows too big for the rabbit’s house.  Children’s fairytales are going to be a major influence on this project. I am also inspired by the process of dressing my own daughter. I’m putting into my collections what I’m learning along the way.


Will you be expanding on the mother and mini collections?

Yes, I already have so many new ideas! I’m always searching for special pieces for Valentine but it’s so hard to find them at a reasonable price point. Making adorable little pieces has created an avenue for me to challenge wasteful design practices because I’m using left-over fabrics. I’m hoping to increase my age range because I want to be making more pieces for older kids who are 5 and up next season.

You feel most beautiful when?

Beauty, to me, is having slept enough and having had enough water. Sometimes, I like to take naps with Valentine.  

When you get a quiet moment, what do you like to do the most?

Quiet moments are rare so I like to take advantage of any amount of time that I have to take care of myself. I love hot bath and a face mask. I also make an effort to turn off my phone during these times.

Who is your Mother Muse? 

When I was first thinking of having a baby, I was doing a lot of work with activist and filmmaker Sarah Sophie Flicker. Seeing her not slow down, showed me that you can have children and still do so much. It just means that you have to learn how to include them in what you do.

Can you give a quote about Mother Muse coffee books?

The intimate moments of love and true wisdom captured makes for a true book of magic.

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Mother Muse Samantha Pleet, Photographer Anastasiia Shama

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