Brand Muse: Artipoppe


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After the birth of her second child, Anna van den Bogert envisioned what would change not only her life but the life of many mothers worldwide.

Motherhood is demanding in current society. With “back in shape” as the new mantra, and personal growth measured by career progress, still the kids should be happy and healthy at all times. Motherhood is a joy, but for a lot of women it is also a struggle.

New mothers often feel isolated and lonely. A few reasons are exhaustion, practical reasons around baby sleep and feed times keeping them at home, anxiety to talk about experiences for fear of being judged, the feeling they lose their identity and lack of time to care for themselves after giving birth.


Artipoppe is a lifestyle, more than a baby carrier. We unite women. We inspire them to follow their instincts and accept their imperfections. An Artipoppe Baby Carrier is a way to keep your identity, to demonstrate self-confidence, to feel beautiful and to show the world you care, not only about your baby (research has proven that baby’s who are worn cry less, are healthier and develop better) but also about yourself and others. Baby wearing is a great solution for staying mobile. Taking your baby everywhere is practical and satisfying for both baby and mother.

Keep them close and be beautiful, shop Artipoppe



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