Interview Brie Bella


Exclusive interview with WWE entertainer & Mother Muse

Brie Bella

What is the full name and ages of your children?

  Birdie Joe Danielson, 10 months

What was your childhood like?

    It was full of fort building, farm animals, sports and a lot of cousins. It was simple and at times difficult but it made me the woman I am today. I feel like the negatives in my childhood created the positives in my adulthood.

What was your life like before motherhood?

    Chaos! Wrestling all over the world and living out of a suitcase.

Describe the word woman in your own words:

   Silent Warriors that don’t need anyone to heal their wounds.


How did motherhood impact your life and career? 

   It’s impacted my life more than I ever imagined. Giving birth to Birdie has been the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. My heart feels so full and I feel real purpose. It’s made my career grow because I’m now connecting with my Mommy fans.

How is travelling with a baby? Any tips for mothers who are on-the-go? 

     It’s like a wrestling match! Ups and downs, feeling defeated and feeling like a champ.  I was so nervous traveling alone with Birdie, scared I would interrupt the comfort of other passengers, scared I didn’t look like a fit mother and scared of the exhaustion. But one day I woke up and said F it! The minute I had confidence, a voice and the I don’t give a shit what people think attitude it became easy. Babies cry it’s what they do and I won’t apologize on a plane, if I take my sweet time going through security then go in a different line and who cares if I look like the bag lady walking up to my gate. When I’m not stressed neither is Birdie. Pack smart, keep food that makes you happy in your diaper bag and enjoy the adventure. 

How did your perspective of body image change after having Birdie?

      It rocked me a bit because I was use to be super fit. I really had to remind myself that baby weight isn’t a flaw but proof I experienced the miracle of life. I’m happy I taught myself to love my new body and that my body goes through seasons. Birdie is 10 months old and I have 6 more pounds of baby weight to go. I know I’ll get it off eventually but I don’t want to fill the pressure. I need days to catch up on sleep, devour Smart Pop and watch Netflix. I think Instagram and Celebrities make Moms feel they need to look like their pre pregnancy self ASAP but what I learned is how so much of it is smoky mirrors. Majority of IG is fake.. fake lives, fake bodies…not real. People will tell you they are working hard and then you find out they had surgery.

On my social platforms I’m very honest with my pictures. I want women to know that it’s just as hard for me as it is for them.

I wish our culture would stop celebrating how quick it is to look young and skinny and start celebrating how beautiful it is to age and see your body change. Stretch marks are our warrior scars, letting us know that we survived the greatest battle and that we are stronger than we realize.

What advice would you give other mothers struggling with accepting their post baby bodies?

                To look at your baby and realize what you created. To remember that this is just a time in our lives where we are raising a child into adulthood. Weight comes off eventually through health and exercise, but we don’t need to rush it because our babies grow so fast.


What did you think of motherhood before you became a mother?

        I always thought it was a beautiful thing. The way I see Moms completely sacrifice their careers, bodies and lives for their children. A mother’s love is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

In times like today where women’s voices are being heard more than ever, how is that impacting the way you raise your daughter?

 I’m so grateful to be raising my daughter in a world where I can teach her to use her voice without fear and that dreams aren’t based on your gender but how strong willed you are. I love that she gets to grow up and see women doing incredible things and being recognized for it. You hear Dads say that they want a son to carry on the name or their legacy well I love having a daughter so I can show her mine.

What core values do you want to teach your daughter?

To love everything….animal, plant and human. To not judge. To be strong, confident and to never be afraid to use her voice.

Tell us about your birth story?

        It was a long 21 hours that ended in an emergency C section. I was 10 days late and had to be induced. I thought well I can still labor naturally….so I labored naturally for about 9 hours and couldn’t take the pain anymore, my cervix wasn’t opening so an epidural seemed to be the best option. I pushed for 3 hours and I was crowning but I couldn’t get Birdie out. Her heart rate dropped and I was in the danger zone. I was sad at first knowing I had to get a C section but quickly realized I just want my baby to come into this world safe, and she did, I’m so lucky.


You feel most beautiful when?

   When I’m breastfeeding 

When you get a quiet moment, what do you like to do the most?

     Cook, drink wine with my lumineers radio

Who is your Mother Muse?

My grandmother. She’s lived her whole life for her family. She lost 3 babies and raised 5. Her positivity, strength, grace and faith has always been something I’ve looked up to. She’s been through a lot of eras where women weren’t treated fairly but she’s always smiled and loved life because she has her children. A Mother’s Love makes everything beautiful.

Can you give a quote about Mother Muse?

I love how beautifully Mother Muse magazine showcases Motherhood. They give you an honest, authentic look into Mother’s lives. 



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