Editorial Petal

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“The main inspiration behind this editorial was to celebrate a beautiful stage of women’s life – pregnancy. Being pregnant myself changed my whole perspective on a traditional wedding approach. 

 I realized how gorgeous woman looks when pregnant, especially in wedding gowns. 

I wanted to bring more confidence towards women who have decided to get married when being pregnant. 
Where I am from, getting married pregnant puts some sort of shame on a couple that they are getting married just because they have to, not because they want to. I think this is such a cliche society stick. 


I hope to open up the boundaries and embrace the beauty of pregnancy in a wedding world and beyond. ”  – Words by photographer Inga Avedyan

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Photography Inga Avedyan, Artist Cate Adriana, Hair & Makeup Andrea Salazar, Bridal Boutique Union Bridal, Gown Designer Elise Hameau, Children’s wear available at Leuie Shop

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