Brand Muse: Mia Tango

Brand Muse Mia Tango

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How did the idea for Mia Tango come about?

The idea for Mia Tango came early in 2012. Eight months pregnant with twins, and the CFO of Kayak at the time, I found myself left with no choice but to wear house slippers to a meeting with the CEO and CFO Priceline Group while we were in acquisition talks because my feet were so swollen. I’m accustomed to being the only woman in the boardroom – but to be the only woman, and to be in house slippers?! That experience left me determined to transform maternity.

The maternity problem.

There is so much wrong with the entire experience of getting dressed during pregnancy – and that truth extends to motherhood as well. It’s hard to figure out where to begin. We shop in stores that have small selections or don’t get us, or we spend hours searching online and then often settle for a product that’s not quite what we wanted. We compromise at every turn. We want to look stylish and be comfortable, but buying a temporary wardrobe is expensive and we often feel guilty for spending money on things we’ll only wear a short time.  So, what do we do? We cram ourselves into our pre-pregnancy clothes until they are literally bursting at the seams.  Then, we buy boring basics and wear them into the ground.  We buy lower quality pieces than we normally would because we’re unfamiliar with the designers in the space and aren’t sure where to take a chance. We wear sweatpants and baggy t-shirts. We borrow clothes from friends even though our styles are different.  We feel like a lesser version of ourselves. And when it’s all said and done?  We want to burn our maternity clothes.

Transforming Maternity.

Motherhood comes with many burdens – weight gain, morning sickness and sleepless nights to name a few. But the transformation is an amazing one at the same time. We believe that getting dressed during this time should be easy and fun. That there should be a brand out there that addresses your needs. That really gets it. That lifts you up. That helps you find your mama beauty. From style to sense of self – we think all mamas should be as they really are – #mamabeautiful. 


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 So, we built Mia Tango to address the guilt, be a guide, and offer advice. We’re an online maternity boutique that features designers from around the world for pregnancy and motherhood. We offer a trade-in program that enables women to send back their Mia Tango pieces for cash back when they’re ready for a change. Our trade-in pricing is clear and transparent, so you know exactly what to expect. After being hand-inspected and laundered, these items are then sold as in our Pre-loved collection. Our Pre-loved collection also includes off-season items and samples that have never been worn. This reduces waste and enables us to offer great styles at a substantial discount. Through Style Me, Mia Tango offers styling assistance and personal shopping. We’re available for anything from answering your questions about fit and what shoes to wear to putting together a full box of options for you to try on at home – free of charge. For new mamas (and all the mamas!), the customizable Basics Bundling program helps them know what essential, everyday pieces will support them as they enter motherhood.

Just like the name implies, Mia (mine) Tango (dance, movement, journey), aims to be with all mamas on their journey, as their bodies, needs and relationships evolve.
We’re so excited as we move into 2018. April will mark the first anniversary of our launch, and we’ve learned so much in our first year. We are grateful to each and every customer for letting us be even a tiny part of their journey and we are energized by their feedback. We also love working with the labels we carry and can’t wait to show their new lines. In the coming year, we look forward to introducing our customers to new designers, expanded service, and our own line for of styles to keep you #mamabeautiful.



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