Interview Stella Simona Wilson

Full Name please and date of birth

Stella Simona Wilson, March 12, 1988

Full Name of child

Noah Wilson

Where are you based?

Los Angeles CA

Stella Shoot-32

If you could describe yourself in one sentence.

I’m a women driven by passion , the co-owner/creative director of Amarilo Jewelry and Haati Chai Jewelry, and serious foodie.

What was your childhood like?

Aside from staying busy with different arts and crafts I spent a lot of my time daydreaming of how I would change the world or how I would express myself.

Tell us about your life before motherhood.

Before motherhood I was very on the go. Focusing heavily on getting as much done as I could in as little time as possible. If someone asked me when I was planning to take some time to myself for a vacation or even to have babies I would have said “I’m not thinking that far out right now” or “It doesn’t fit with what I do”

What inspired you to start Haati Chai?

Everyone’s journey is special to them in its own way — I truly love my story. As a young Bengali-American girl my grandmother would go to India and Bangladesh every summer and with each trip she would bring me something special. Sometimes she would bring me back clothes, sometimes a doll, sometimes I would be gifted jewelry. As I grew a little older she began asking me what I wanted and I developed an obsession for strictly requesting jewelry. When I was around 14 years old she asked me to draw what I wanted and would bring back my drawings turned to real life. Fast forward as an adult I worked initially on photography and visual branding for different artists in record labels. These different elements became married when I launched my brand Haati Chai as they were key to laumching a successful brand of my own. Three years into Haati Chai I partnered with Ali Heiss of Amarilo and together we now own both the brands as sister labels. I focus on the creative direction and branding while Ali’s emphasis is on a lot of the very crucial technical elements such as overseeing our production process, hand selecting the finest materials.

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Can you tell us a little bit about the jewellery line and what makes it unique?

Haati Chai is a narration of my inspirations and influences as an individual — a fusion of my two worlds as Bengali woman and American woman.

 What inspires the pieces?

Haati Chai is the intimate project shared by my grandmother Annie and I. We taught each other how to embrace both our worlds together. From here, the essence of Haati Chai was born, the connection of people from all walks of life, stemming from a single design. Each piece is designed to play a symbolic role in the wearer’s life— everyday heirlooms to be passed down between generations, carrying on the stories of those it has touched.

What / Who inspires and motivates you?

My family and friends inspire and motivate me. Additionally I have a huge passion for animal welfare. Currently we work with organizations to donate a proceed of our sales for different causes. Aside from the jewelry we would ultimately like to have our very own organization to give back to animal conservation.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Currently I wake up to my alarm clock, Noah. My husband and I join him for breakfast as he will not eat without the both of us there. I get him ready and head to office. At the office we’re busy getting ready for the holiday season which entails a lot of marketing meetings, discussing promotions, working on new imagery and content, and a lot of phone calls. My days this time of year end very late. I arrive home by late evening and spend my time with Noah until he knocks out. After he’s asleep my husband and I have dinner and watch movies or catch up on some more work.

How has motherhood changed your life?

It’s all about not taking on more than you can handle and then making sure you plan and schedule everything in advance, which entails leaving space for changes. Having a child means you have to be prepared to drop everything or move things around daily. Mentally being prepared to do so will help you get things taken care of sooner than later without feeling defeated.

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What did you think of motherhood before you became a mother?

I always felt it was an honor and looked forward to raising a little person who was essentially going to be me.

What’s your biggest challenge as a mother and business owner?

The business and Noah are my babies, which means they require a lot of nurturing. One of my biggest difficulties as a business owner was keeping up with demand when I used to do everything as a one woman team. Similarly as a mother it’s been keeping up with all of Noah’s needs.

What is your number one beauty tip for the busy mom?

Keep it natural. I believe in a good moisturizer and face wash. I use a Biore charcoal face wash to keep my skin clear and moisturize with coconut oil.

When you get a quiet moment, what do you like to do the most?

I love to take a long bath with my favorite soak and just meditate.

Describe your style in three words?

Relaxed, Effortless, and confident.


Photography Quinn Moss

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