In Conversation With Actress Elysia Rotaru

How are you feeling?

Well, it’s almost time for the birth, and, physically, I’m feeling top-notch—minus the cankles here and there on odd days! My body feels strong but relaxed, and, mentally, I’ve been focused on not only getting the house ready and settled for her arrival with my husband but also thinking about the logistics of how we, as a family, are going to navigate life with our new little being. Thank goodness for my meditation practice and that I can still work out; it helps settle my thoughts.

What has surprised you most about being pregnant?

The biggest surprise has been the interesting physical side effects (or sensations and symptoms) that arose in my body/mind during different times, especially during pivotal growth times for the babe. The sluggishness in the first trimester was intense. I’m always up and at ’em and doing so much, so there was nothing I could do but surrender to it, one of the many new sensations. It was tough, but I am ever grateful for my amazing husband and dog, who have helped me give in to “relaxing” a little more. And yes, it’s pretty cool to witness how your body makes space to grow a human and keeps you going simultaneously. And it’s so wild that there are also 50% more fluids in your body. It makes sense why I’m getting puffy feet!

I’m also surprised that I haven’t had any crazy cravings. I wish I could tell you I needed pickles and peanut butter or something totally wacky or that I was craving fruit, but it was more along the lines of, “babe, can you please get me some mineral water or ginger ale? Maybe a burger and some ice cream?!”

In your opinion, does pregnancy and sexy still exist?

Yes! I think it’s something that hasn’t been celebrated enough in tandem, but, over the last few years, with social media becoming such a present force in our lives, I’ve noticed the positive surge in more pregnant women showcasing and flaunting their amazing body transformations, engaging in positive body talk, and celebrating the beauty that are our powerful bodies on this journey to motherhood. I also believe it’s important to find a wardrobe, make-up, hair elements, or other indulgences that help you feel sexy as your body changes to make sure you keep taking that wonderful care of yourself. I know you might be tired, but put on a cute outfit, or do your face and hair for YOU, you sexy mama-to-be! It can really help boost the preggo/sexy vibe; I know it did for me. But we are all different, so I hope those out there reading this can find their groove and energy to make themselves feel amazing, sexy, strong, and like the empowered goddesses that they are!

Photography Liz Rosa, Hair and Make-up Hannah Schell, Styling Mackenzie Rose

Did you struggle with accepting the body changes that came with pregnancy?

Yes and no. It wasn’t so much the struggle of getting “bigger” and not being able to fit my wardrobe (although that was a little bit of a challenge because I couldn’t find many cute maternity brands out there), but more so, it was how I had to put aside activities/certain sports/workouts/doing stunts on set/etc. that was a total mind trip. I felt kinda lame, to be honest. But those around me reminded me often that I’m actually doing a lot of work—like growing a human! Lol.

I did find it a tad interesting how my body reacted to pregnancy with certain side effects and symptoms. I got mild carpal tunnel, swollen feet (on and off), and had some sciatic pain as my body made space. But thankfully, nothing major or debilitating that some bodywork couldn’t help fix. And also, my hormones in the first trimester did not give me that “preggo skin glow.” I actually had some cystic acne. It went away but, wow, not what I was expecting.

You feel most beautiful when?

Post shower, after I get all oiled up and put on my robe to lounge on the couch, feet up … or laying out in a bikini, bronzing the bump … or when I wake up with amazing bed head, and then brush it out, and my man makes fun of me, and we have a great laugh together! My hair looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket, and I still feel good then. It’s just a different look.

Do you have a birth plan?

We do! The plan is a natural birth at a birth center surrounded by our midwife, doula, some great energy, and keeping the vibe on a high and positive frequency as we welcome our babe!

We just wanted to remove the word earthside.

What are your favourite skincare products to use during your pregnancy?

I love the belly masks from Evereden as well as the body butter, sprays, bath bubbles, magnesium flakes from Clarity Apothecary (anything from there, to be honest). Also, I love a good Arnica cream; I like Traumeel. Also, cream and roller for sore muscles and recovery. I like the brand ReUp. On my face, I love a good stem cell wash, cream and mask. And also, a great lymphatic massage for the skin and body is wonderful.

Lastly, who is your Mother Muse?

All the amazing friends in my life who are mothers inspire me. I love seeing fellow peers acing it in their careers and in motherhood and being so candid in their path to find the balance and honor themselves!

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