In Conversation With Mother Muse Isabel Guyt

How are you feeling?

I’m feeling quite good, actually. Although it’s just one-and-a-half months until the due date, I feel very relaxed and prepared.

How has your second pregnancy been different from your first?

When I was pregnant with our firstborn Caine, it was all I thought about 24/7. I knew exactly how many weeks and days I was pregnant, but when people ask me about that now, I’m like, “I guess around 33 weeks or so?” Haha! It’s not that I’m not aware of my pregnancy. Every day I make sure I take some time for the baby and myself. To go inwards and be conscious of the little person I’m growing inside of me. It’s definitely as special and magical as the first time but busier because Caine is just one-and-a-half years old.

Photography & Concept by Roos Jooren, Mother Muse Isabel Guyt, Kids Clothing by Donsje Amsterdam
& Nixnut from Pluk & Paloma

It’s crucial not to let stress take over, especially in pregnancy. What advice do you have for expecting mothers right now?

I think that nowadays people have lost a bit of trust in their own bodies and nature. Just trust the process, sit back, and relax. Of course, there will be days that you can feel a bit overwhelmed and exhausted—especially when you already have kids or when you have a busy lifestyle or job. For me, breathing is the most important thing to stop anxiety. So when you feel it coming, just sit or lay down, put your hands on your belly, and breathe towards your hands. Make sure your breathing is as low as possible. You’ll feel so much better after a few minutes. When I feel like it’s getting too much, another thing I’ll do is take a warm bath alone or with my partner and meditate or talk about whatever is on my mind. Last but not least: a good pregnancy massage does the job as well!

Are you still able to find some time for yourself?

Yes, because, for me, it’s very important to have some me-time. It always has been and especially with kids. I have three days a week for myself at this moment when Caine is at my mum’s or daycare, so I can’t complain. I barely sit still on those days, though. I really like to have something just for myself, so I finally started photography after modelling for almost 15 years, and it became an absolute passion. I get a lot of energy out of creating, so it definitely works for me.

Do you believe in birth plans? And if so, what’s yours for your second?

Well, I believe it’s important to prepare yourself, so I don’t have a birth plan per se, but I do prepare myself as much as possible. I read books about hypnobirthing and mindfulness, prenatal yoga, meditations, and, most importantly, just listen to my body and what it needs. My ‘plan’ is to have a waterbirth at home. In the end, you’ll never know how it will go, so I don’t want to focus on that too much, but I do believe in manifestation, so I keep on visualizing my ‘dream delivery’.

What is your favourite part of being pregnant?

My favourite part of being pregnant is just being pregnant. It’s this almost unhuman magical feeling of growing a little soul inside of you, and at the same time, it feels so natural. Nothing really matters but you and your baby.

What are your favourite skincare products to use during your pregnancy?

I don’t really use skincare products, particularly for my pregnancy. I always use the organic products from Skøn, and I massage my belly with jojoba oil every morning and evening before I go to bed. It’s a natural oil that helps striae and dry skin.

Lastly, who is your Mother Muse?

I can’t name one Mother Muse. Every mother does it her own way, and I have so much respect for all mothers, especially those struggling a lot because they have to run away for war or whatsoever. You just can’t imagine what they have to go through. If I have to name one person, I’ll choose my own Mama. She’s one tough cookie, and I’m super proud of her!

Photography & Concept by Roos Jooren

Mother Muse Isabel Guyt

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